Is this bannable?

Double arms warrior in 2s?
Yep. Report them. They are going against all the rules at once.
Having two whole warriors at the same time is like having five aces. When someone does that, you know they're cheating.

(For the record - the fifth ace is the ace of Shockwaves.)
Yes. Permaban.
Double ele is a life ban because of how op it is
Yes, for the same reason that double blood DK is a cyber crime.
should only be ban-able if they're stuck at 1400
My friend is thinking of playing warrior/warrior/rogue in 3s next season. The warriors will both be fury, with bladestorm.

The rogue hits mass stealth, the three of them find a target, the rogue drops a smokebomb when stealth ends and stuns the target, and both warriors bladestorm.

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