5.2 and the avenging wrath talent

So with wings being on a 2 min cd again (thank the light) will the sanctified wrath talent be something that is worth trading over holy avenger? Or is it now even more important to have holy avenger because we can now line them both up together?

I loved the sanctified wrath talent because i loved having the increased duration. However, i like having a second cd to hit. Thoughts?
They're about the same. Pick what you want.
HA will still have the edge in pvp because its more flexible and versatile.
Having 2x2min CDs means you can either stack them both and do insane damage/healing every 2min or you can alternate which you use with the 1min cd in trinket and pop wings+trinket then a min later HA+trinket then a min later AW+trinket and so on.. (All with inquisition up of course).

That's not to say that SW won't still be good, lines up perfectly with GoAK and inquisition to give you a longer burst of 30 secs of pure pain which can be done at range..
90seconds of downtime really isn't that bad but it does still kinda make you a 1 trick pony.

*edit - does increase the gap of DP vs SW/HA. I think DP is massively underrated, tried it out a few times with stacking pure pvp power and having a good healer behind me and its a total laugh when you get 8-12 procs in a row..
Just really sucks when there's no procs and your dps drops to nothing..

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