Need some Ret help please.

I generally only run in LFR. Based on the various fights I am mostly in the 55k to 65k range depending on the fight.

Basically my question is how am I doing? I'm constantly "middle of the road" for most fights as far as dmg done (6-8 range). People that are 1 and 2 generally have considerably better gear than me but the others are either on par or at times worse geared.

I follow the stickie here (and EJ) as far as rotation and cooldown use goes. But I still feel like I should be pushing more. I also added CLCRet to see if I was doing anything incorrectly but I'm still in that same DPS range (maybe slightly higher but not much).

So is my DPS what you would expect from my gear level? If not any sugguestion on what I could try? Did I move to gemming haste to soon? (based on simcraft it was only a slight difference). Am I just bad? :P

Thank you for any help.
The two things that jump out at me are:

1. Your hit is well below cap and your expertise is well above. You could significantly improve this using reforges alone.

2. You are using inferior enchantments on your weapon and bracers. You could replace those with better (and more expensive) ones.
Thank you!

1. I just got the chest last night and forgot to reforge. So I usually have hit/exp set correct. Great that is going to bug me all day until I get home to fix it. :)

2. I'm with you on the enchants. I was hoping the sha-touch axe would have dropped by now for me to put dancing steel on but I probably just have to bite the bullet and put it on the sword.

Thank you for the help.
I hate to say this to you Corso, but you wasted some VP by buying the 496 trinket. All of the LFR trinkets are better than the Shieldwall trinket. Upgrade your weapon if you will not be running regular raids. And then upgrade the lfr trinkets first, before gear. Definitely be at or slightly above hit/ exp caps. With the above mentioned tweaks, you will see a rise in your dps. I hope this helps, good-luck.
I'd hold off on Steel for that sword, as we'll be patching in a few weeks and you may end up with a new stick right off the bat. The Shieldwall trinket is terrible, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "wasted" - at this point, blowing what you have to pad you iL to get into 5.2 LFR isn't such a bad idea (and I think you've hit the mark).

Are you changing your L90 talent between fights? That can make a world of difference, especially once you figure out what works best for you on a per-fight basis. LH isn't really useful for overall DPS on Un'sok or Shek'zeer (barring Retreat). Lacking your four-piece is probably also what makes if feel like you're being held back; it's a really strong bonus, given our current mechanics and circumstances.

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