Can't Login to New Toon on New Realm

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I have created a shiny new Dwarf Shaman on the Wyrmrest Accord RP server to play with some buddies, but upon selecting my toon, the loading bar loads to full, then locks up. Mac beach ball spins, but doesn't do anything. I am able to login to toons on the other two other realms I play on (Area-52 and Lightbringer) without any hiccups at all. Those toons are loaded in a matter a few seconds. Even created a new toon on both of those realms to see if it was a creation issue. Logged in just fine. I've "Force Quit" WoW, logged back in, and it shows the character is the starting zone (as opposed to having their current location blank with new toons). I've restarted my computer, our modem, and our router. Same results. Last try to login, I left it spinning for half an hour, hoping maybe patience would be my friend. :/ Any thoughts?
Update: I am able to log into the toon on my Windows 7 laptop just fine. Swapping back to the Mac, still can't login to him.
Try deleting both Cache folders , one in the wow folder and one in the data folder. Be careful not to touch anything in the Data folder.

Then drag the WTF folder to the desktop and it should create a new one. Cliched I know but there are character specific files in the WTF folder that may be causing this.

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