[h] Ooken Dookers LF 1-2 dps for late nights

Ooken Dookers is recruiting for late night raiding.

1 - elemental shaman
1 - DPS warrior or DPS DK

We are a 10m group at 1/6 heroic MV and 5/6 HoF. Raid midnight - 3am server time (9pm-midnight pacific), Tuesday night and Wednesday night, sometimes going a 3rd night randomly when everyone agrees to and we want some extra time in.

We are working on clearing as much of the rest of HoF and Terrace as we can before 5.2 goes live.

We are a small, friendly, mature guild focused on PvE progression. We expect our members to know their class inside and out, be able to adapt to and complete encounters, and be able to adjust to new strategies as needed. Because we keep a small, balanced raid group, we also expect around 95% attendance. We do have a couple of friends that can take spots over at times, but we believe having the same 10 people all the time leads to better teamwork.

We do not have an application. If you are interested in joining, look for myself (my ø is alt-0248), Sporkk or Olhamii in game, send us an in-game mail, or post here and I'll get back to you. We do our interviews in chat or mumble to make sure you know what we're about, we know what you're about, and that you'd fit well with us.
Bump, still looking for a dps dk or warrior.
Melee spot is filled, still looking for an elemental shaman.

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