having problems raid healing

Mist Of Pandaria is the fist time that i have tried to raid heal on my shaman. i have always been ok at healing 5 mans but when it comes to healing raids i just cant seem to figure it out . i am out of mana before even half of a fight is over can someone give me a few tips.
stack spirit if ur lacking mana while u gear up.

raid healing is simple on a shammy, keep healing stream down every cooldown (provided the raid is taking some dmg), predict big dmg and drop a healing rain on the largest clump (sometimes melee, sometimes ranged). Glyph the extra range on Chain heal and use it on cooldown if 3-4 people are around 70% or lower, if not dont use it.

keep ES on the tank and keep a riptide on him at all times. spec for the rip tide to remove the cooldown, use HW or GHW to spot heal as a gap fill, if u do 2 single target heals in a row, use a CH or RT to renew ur haste buff.

use ur cooldowns wisely, healing tide ascendance and spirit link are ur best friends, drop them when major dmg is being dealth in an AOE capacity.

healing is about knowing the fight mechanics and being rdy for the dmg when it comes up.
I'd disagree with glyphing Riptide as a general practice in 10man. It's mana-intensive, especially for someone starting out their raiding career, and it loses a *huge* portion of its effective healing when you lose the initial "burst" of healing from it.

This is not to say that glyphed Riptide doesn't have its place in 10man raiding; Garalon, in HoF, is one example where many 10man shamans use the glyph because the raid is often so spread out in 10man it can be difficult to place useful HRs and get effective Chain Heals off. Beyond that, there is constant raid-wide AoE pulsing on the raid from Pheramones, with large raid-wide hits for Crush, so even a long-duration HoT like Riptide isn't usually wasted by other healers healing the raid up halfway through its duration.

OP - something that really helped me out mana-wise when this shammy first hit MoP raid content (I raided on a Disc priest in Wrath and Cata, and a Mistweaver monk for the first few months of this xpac before swapping to the shammy) was glyphing Totemic Recall, and learning how to watch my totem timer (most especially for HST) and pull the totem in its last second of duration to refund the full mana cost of having placed it. HST does an obscene amount of healing over the course of a fight (don't forget Call of the Elements will reset its cooldown, so you can have back-to-back HSTs once every 3 min) *but* it's incredibly expensive to use. Using Totemic Recall and putting in the work to learn to keep its duration monitored will make a big difference.

It takes some practice. I'd imagine especially so for someone who's never raided before. However, it's that kind of attention to detail that will have you on your way to becoming a good raid healer in no time.
No to riptide glyph. It will drain your mana.

I agree on glyph of totemic recall. Pulling in your healing stream totem at the last second for a full mana return is fantastic

Try to keep from using healing surge. Use it only if your target won't live til your ghw goes off. Healing surge is very mana inefficient.

Use mana tide early and often. Pop it when you hit 75% mana. It should be good to go again near the end if the fight.

Stack spirit and crit. Crit heals return a portion of your mana. Healing wave crits actually return more mana than the spell cost. And hw should be your go to heal for the most part as it is the most mana efficient.

Also, if you have free time where you don't have to cast heals, you can try to weave in some lightning bolts with the telluric currents glyph for extra regen
Your gemming is as if you have 0 mana issues. Hybrid gems are much better than int gems, you get more bang for your buck. Should really gem for socket bonuses unless you are gemming straight spirit, then you can kind of forego the bonus but even then it is questionable.

Totemic Recal is a great glyph for mana conservation. Use it, love it.
With your gear, people can't disregard mechanics and expect you to carry. Is the rest of your raid group at a similar gear level? You're basically taking on content near the end of the patch in gear that people had 3 days into the xpac. I'm not saying this to piss you or anyone off. In all (mostly) blues, the only way to down the raid content is to play well and do the mechanics correctly.

When I was in your gear and doing the content you're doing, I was stacking spirit. Don't use healing surge. Healing Wave is mana neutral so use it all the time. Communicate with other healers so that you don't overlap big cds. My top heals are usually (in no particular order) HEaling Stream, ghw, healing wave, Healing tide, riptide, healing rain.

On a fight like garajal, which appears to be your current progression, there are no mana issues and the entire raid should be stacked up tight. So you can feel free to healing rain on cdand basically throw big heals on every global. If you gemmed int just for garajal then nice work, but if you gemmed int in general you might want to consider hybrid gems or possibly switching to some spirit hybrids.

Lastly, I much prefer call of the elements. Not only does it give me back to back hst, but also stone bulwark, capacitor and tremor. Tremor is actually pretty clutch on a couple of fights, most notably empress and being able to roll them back to back is really nice.
Your spec is also atrocious. COnductivity instead of Healing Tide Totem and Elemental blast in the final tier?
Get the Jade spirit enchant. It makes a big difference.

Do not glyph riptide.

Use totemic recall when healing stream is at 2 seconds or less. Telluric currents is not as good for regen. Don't take it.

Gem for spirit. Pick up socket bonuses when they give 160 spirit or 80 int, or when you can get the bonus with int/spirit gems without secondary stats. Otherwise the bonus may be ignored. It's a matter of budget.

Reforge haste to crit.

Use mana tide at 80% mana and then on CD.

Ditch elemental blast.

Anticipate dmg an use CDs accordingly.
02/14/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Awsumpossum
Your spec is also atrocious. COnductivity instead of Healing Tide Totem and Elemental blast in the final tier?

do you always offer advice with a question?

oh wait, there was none,

just an ego stroke, perhaps?

shame too, you seem well geared,

why not humble yourself, and realize not all share your knowledge of the spec,

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can someone give me a few tips.

think they came here looking for help...
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use ur cooldowns wisely, healing tide ascendance and spirit link are ur best friends, drop them when major dmg is being dealth in an AOE capacity.

Healing tide trumps Ancestral Guidance?
02/17/2013 01:51 PMPosted by Havöc
Healing tide trumps Ancestral Guidance?

Posted by Havöc
Healing tide trumps Ancestral Guidance?


Due to the resto passives, yes.

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