Level 26 Draenei Hunter

im in ashenvale right now where should i go next ?
**where is the best area for me to go onto
If necessary, fly back to darnassus and use the hero's call board.
I personally would recommend Arathi Highlands or STV. Kalimdor quest zones are too far from major cities for my tastes, especially if you are using the AH or training professions as you level. And it only gets worse as you level.
I second heading to Eastern Kingdoms. The quests are IMO better. Checking in at Stormwind often to the Hero's Call Board, as it will give you a quest to go to a new zone. It is really good at pointing you where to go. If all else just as others said check your map and you can see what lvl ranges are listed. Don't be afraid to just go to a new zone in your range.

Northern STV is my preferred spot as I just like the zone lol Arathi Highlands as well. That should get you to 30ish

30-35 Hinterlands or the Cape of STV
35-40 Western Plaguelands
40-45 Eastern Plaguelands
45-50ish- Badlands, Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes
50-55 Swamp of Sorrow
55-58 or so Blasted Lands
58+ outlands

Also I would suggest always be in the instance queue for instances at these lower lvls. Once outlands onwards I usually only do the instances one time each for the quest except the first few ones.

If you want to stay in Kalimdor

25-30 Stonetalon
30-35 South Barrens
35-40 Desolace, Dustwallow or feralas. It has been awhile but I think I prefered Dustwallow the best.
40-45 Thousand Needles
45-50 Felwood or Tanaris I prefer tanaris
50-55 Ungoro or Winterspring. I usually stick with Ungoro but it can be annoying zone sometimes lol
55-58 or so- Silithus

I pride myself on lvling lol I have 13 chars lvl 85+

I recommend finding a tank and a healer. make them take you to random dungeons until you hit level 90. point your gun at their faces

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