488 pally tank and 495 druid heals/dps

Heya Stormrage! A pally tank and my lovely mistress counterpart druid heals/dps will be makin a transfer to ur awesomesauce server to pull ourselves from the depths of fail-HELL (US-Norgannon). we will be needing a new home with a guild with respectable progress in current content and lookin for an easy-goin group, but with a "get buisness done" additude(which basically means: NO-ELITIST'S ALLOWED). I currently cower in the presence of my counterparts glorious achievements in raid progression (4/16 H) but she can vouch for my studness in tanking and class knowledge. HAIL STORMRAGE!!!
bump it!
As I posted to Enelya, drop me a line when you're in game, we txfr'd also and will be cranking raids back up this week. I need to fill a healer/dps os and a tank/dps os in more core group. We are 15/16 and will kill Sha and start on Hards to prep for 5.2. Raid times are m-w 7-9 server. The á in my name is alt 0225. Cya
Howdy. We are in need of a MT and a druid healer. Here's a link to our post. I think we are the kind of guild that you described.

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