495 WW Monk LF raiding guild

Hi everyone,

I am now looking for a new raiding guild. I recently had a family holiday with the better half and little one and came back to find out our raid team has stopped running due to RL taking over for a few members.

I have 16/16 normal experience (inc elite protectors). and 3/6 heroic MSV.

Looking for at least a 16/16 normal with some heroic progression guild and I would prefer Horde, But may look at faction changing for the right guild. Raid times anywhere between 7:30pm-1:30am server time (AEST)

What you can expect from me:

I always come prepared with food/flask/potions.
I turn up on time and ready to raid.
I have 95%+ attendance. (generally only time I am not there is due to a RL emergency or planned holidays which i give notice.)
Good attitude- always love a good laugh and generally laid back guy.

A little bit about me, I am 25 with a 4yr old daughter and work full time managing a bottle shop (always enjoy a good drink).

Please either reply here or whisper me with any questions you have.
Hi All,

I am the guild leader of Leesing's current guild (who just stopped raiding).

Leesing is one of the solid reliable raider's, he is always properly geared, enchanted, researched on his class and the current encounter. He is always on before a raid and willing to do his part to help the team.

This is demonstrated as he started with us on his feral druid, then we had need of him on his monk as windwalker. When we had need of a tank, he went Brewmaster without question.

Any raid team would be lucky to get him.
Much <3 and respect for you lads :)
Hey man, i just saw this and im starting up a serious core for 5.2 need skilled, dedicated players fill our core. Let me know in game or ask a member of Om Nom United for holy/proj
Hey there!

Arcadia (10man) on Barthilas is looking for more!

Thread here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7764416674

Alternatively, contact our recruitment officer on Battletag - Bel#1737, or for our GM: Gwen#1299

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