LFM bros 2200+ 5v5


Have 2200+ experience in 5v5 (armory Terryz, my former main on this server for arena XP/achievements).
Be fully geared with mostly 2/2 upgrades.
Be available late at night as we will often Q after midnight.
Do not be a rager. I have had numerous multi-glads and R1 glads on previous 5s teams and they were not emo. We expect you to be chill also.

If you have interest send me something in the mail or find me in-game.

PS: T2 (for DPS) is important but not a requirement. I have a few bros with T2 that are requesting to play and getting everyone 498 should not take more than a few sessions, depending on Q times.

Full T2 hunter fresh transfer over and already been 2200 this season. Most upgrades as well, would love a chance at 5s.
LF T2 warrior
Im down for 5's.

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