493 Elem(/Resto) Sham 15/16N, 1/16H LFG

Area 52
493 Elem(/Resto) Sham 15/16N, 1/16H looking for a server xfer and new progression raid team.
Been holding on to a dying server, but the well of good raiders has run dry.
Available M-Th evenings starting 8:30 realm; prefer 2-3 nights and 8-12 hours per week.
Hey Shamsonite! Id like to offer you an immediate spot in our core 10man over at <Lawn Pirates>. We've been currently progressing through all of normal but have found ourselves anchored down by the lack of a 3rd healer. We have done 14/16N+EP and 2/16H as a guild. Fights such as Tsulong / Lei Shi / Amber Shaper while easier than memorizing your name, are fights that require 3 healers which we currently do not have. Once you join we'll be able to one shot that content and move onto Empress/Sha and multiple heroics.

Raid Nights:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
--- 9pm-12 EST.

Current Raid Comp:
490i Blood Dk
493i Prot Pally
492i Holy Pally
490i Holy Priest
496i Surv Hunter
492i Aff Lock
495i Frost Dk
492i Arcane Mage
493i Frost DK
(Insert Your name - Healer)
*493 Average raidwide Ilvl*
Send me a tell ingame on ortiskort or on my battletag Soplain#1341
Link to Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Lawn+Pirates
<Brutality> lvl 25 (4/6HM)(16/16) 10 man late night raid guild times are 12:30-3:30am Tues,Weds,Thurs morning..Lf one healer pef druid, shaman, pally, monk.. always looking for exceptional dps.. 485 min ilvl

(jazzboy9431@gmail.com)(real id)

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