[A]Storm Surge recruiting

<STORM SURGE> is looking for members interested in raiding,PVP, and heroics.

Raid times Sat & Sun 7PM-9PM server.
PVP on Friday nights at 9PM
Heroics Mon-Thurs 9PM.

Whisper me in game for more info.
Raid times tentatively set for Saturday and Sunday 7-9 PM Starting next weekend.
Am interested if you are still looking. Healer with Feral OS.
Yes we are definitely still looking. Send me a Whisper me in game when you get a chance.
/bump for weekend.
/bump for update
/bump. Need Tank!
Hello steel. Welcome to Stormrage. I remember seeing you around Echo Isles.

Hey. Yes we transferred over not too too long ago. I am enjoying it so far.

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