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Welcome to the Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #7 Thread, where your gear is scaled down and the purples don't matter.
Just like buying your Valentine a box of chocolates, and then eating all of them.
He/She still love you, just not as much.

Also thanks Veloth for making the last one for me.

I'd just like to remind everyone that mentioning these threads in your local trade chat, to friends, guildies, in livestream chats, etc., it helps build the community here. There are constantly people cycling in, but there are also those of us that are done and leaving.
Keep the threads alive by advertising us!

Throw out some posts like this one to advertise
"Interested in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Challenge Mode runs? Check out the 'Cross Realm Challenge Mode Finder' thread over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios section of the Official WoW Forums."

That being said, for new folk.
Check out for general Challenge Mode info, and Challenge Mode Gold run guides; or search for runs on YouTube to get a general idea of the instances.
General requirements are Buff consumables (Stat food, Flasks, Stat Potions), as well as Lesser Invisibility Potion / Invisibility Potion when pushing for Silvers/Gold, voice communication, and some time to dedicate to the runs. If you're pushing for Silver or Gold, it might take some time. Just be willing/able to give it your attention for a while.

When posting to look for a group, mention a few things.
Such as,
Horde or Alliance
Times when you're available
Which instances / Medals you're looking for
Experience in Challenge Modes / other creditable things
Your Battletag
An armory to the toon you plan to run with (If not posting from that toon)
Overall, it'll probably look something like this,
2/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 6/9 Bronze & 2400 Arena exp & 2/16H exp
Horde Protection Warrior looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Mogu'shan Palace
Gold Gate of the Setting Sun
Silver Siege of Niuzao Temple
Bronze Scarlet Halls
I can run any Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight EST
Add my BTag, Words#1111

Don't be afraid to add people from the thread and make your own group! They won't bite, I promise.
After all, someone has to be the guy or gal to start invites.

Good luck to those still finishing up, and to those here who are just starting.

Old thread:

If you think anything should be added to the OP, mention it!
Be sure not to spam post LFG. If someone wants to find you, they can look through the thread. You don't need to post once on every page (.. or twice.)
On the same note, if you have completed your challenge modes, or just do not want more people to add you, please edit your posts so that we know. Simply write "n/a" or "full/done."
If you're posting a LFM, try to remember to edit the post whenever you fill, to avoid mix-ups. And be sure to clarify which instance, medal, and faction.

Also, about the 'tell me to add things to the OP' part, sorry, I'm a bit out of the loop with these threads and don't get around to reading most of it.
Looking for ele shaman to go for gold GSS + possibly more now!
Have consumables, vent/skype
Add nacho#1503
LF 1 Heals for CHain CM's starting with jade serpent

9/9gold alts

Looking for an experienced, skilled Challenge Mode group on my Death Knight.

I have completed all 9 golds on three characters, my druid (resto), hunter, and warlock, and am now looking to do this for a fourth time.

I have both a tanking and dps set, and can perform both roles.

Currently 4/9 Golds.

  • Mogo'shan Palace
  • Scarlet Halls
  • Scholomance
  • Shado-Pan Monastery
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Can be available any time given notice.


    Blood DK Alt/ Prot Pal Main LF gold CM's
    Raid Exp: 5/16H
    CM exp: 1/9 gold (gate)
    Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
    Have vent/Teamspeak Can D/L others
    Tag: redemor#2830

    Online and Good to Go. Have Guild Hunter/Mage/Rogue or Ele shaman If need extras
    As Above Have Hunter & Mage & Healer Lf1 DPS ele Pref. Pst GTG now Doing All
    9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
    Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
    Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
    I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
    Add me : Kral#6911
    8/9 Gold Holy Paladin LF SSB

    Weekend is wide open

    3/9 Gold Horde Holy Paladin with experience in a few others!
    Currently have:
    Gold in SPM
    Gold in SH
    Gold in Seige
    2450 RBG rating
    Have all the consumables needed! Available anytime but Friday and Saturday nights, looking for an experienced group. I also am looking for starter/experienced groups for my Alliance Mage and Rogue, and Horde Death Knight!
    Hope to hear from you! Josey#1353
    Ally frost dk
    3/9 gold JTS, SH and Gate
    2/9 silver Scholo,Siege
    looking for GOLD CM's
    available all weekend anytime
    Looking for 1 solid dps for SM Gold. Starting in 30 mins...

    add Jamie#1881
    Looking for one dps for SM right now, time#1519 alliance
    Now need a few dps for Mogu Palace Gold.
    Add #Jamie1881
    8/9 Gold 498 shadow priest
    LF Gold SSB. I have experience with this CM. about 30sec off gold
    4/16 H exp
    Looking for a good group to knock this out quick!
    Horde Frost DK LF ANY CMs. Don't mind helping people with Golds I already have if its a solid group.

    4/9 Golds, experience in all of them with very close golds
    Have all flasks, pots, invis pots, and food.

    Past season Glad, HoH/HoA, heroic raiding experience, etc.

    Free almost anytime I'm online so feel free to add me.

    Battletag: Aoo#1483
    9/9 Resto Druid willing to heal on the weekends for others to get their golds. Only willing to do golds. Also interested in time attacks. I'm on a very bad server and all realm 1sts would be easy to get.

    6/9Gold Ele LF
    mogushan palace
    stormstout brewery
    scarlet halls.
    have all food and pots req and know strats for all 3.
    ready to go whenever

    add my btag: Floodin#1785
    4/9Gold Resto Shaman LF group

    Jade Temple,
    Scarlet Monastery

    have mats for all, and know all strats

    4/9 Gold Demo/Aff Lock.
    Need gold for:
    Jade Temple
    Scarlet Monastery
    Mogu Palace

    Have silver for all (mount run) and know strats for all
    Have all consumables/invis pots
    505 Ilvl and H-sha of fear down

    Available all day/night today.


    4/9 Gold

    Protection Paladin looking for group for golds. Don't need SMP, Siege, Jade Serpent or SH.

    I have understanding of all instances and pulls. I would have no issue with adapting to your personal strategies. Also usually have an experienced warlock friend available who pulls good numbers and doesn't stand in stupid.

    Available after 10:30PM EST most nights or in the mornings before 1:30PM EST. Exception Tues/Wed


    Thank you for your consideration.

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