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9/9 gold on my shaman, LF golds on this monk as healer or dps. Should be around most of the weekend starting 7 PM or later tonight. Firestyle#1786
9/9 Gold Brewmaster tank looking to do Gold CMs on my Ret Paladin
Need everything but SH.

On my Enhance/Resto shaman
Need everything but Siege, Shado-pan Monastery and Stormstout Brewery. Can heal or dps.

And on my Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Need everything but SH.

Prepared with pots/flasks/invis pots (15/18)/etc.
Looking for a solid group to knock out the golds I need, can help tank on my monk if necessary for others.

B-Tag: Thunderhowl#1277
3/9 Disc Priest LF Gold runs other than SM, SH, MSP, though willing to do them again if a group is chain-running CMs.

Have all consumables on me. Will be available for early afternoon today and most of the weekend.

Warlock Looking to join a group, currently 0/9
Available Whenever except for fri-sunday nights for raids.
497 item level with 10/16HM raid experience
Looking for and dedicated to achieving Golds
BT: Tritty250#1188
Our group has gone 6/9 in Gold CMs, and we are currently stuck on Stormstout Brewery due to our last member having stopped playing WoW. For these reasons, we are in need of an Elemental Shaman or Frost Mage with an in depth understanding of their class to finish these last 3 CMs with us! If you're good enough to do this, we'll go back and help you get the remaining ones that you need!

Contact me at Str1der#1155 in-game if you have any questions. If you are chosen to come, you'll need to have DPS Potions, Flasks, and Invis Pots ready to go.

Hope to get these CMs soon!
Horde Frost DK LF ANY CMs. Don't mind helping people with Golds I already have if its a solid group.

4/9 Golds, experience in all of them with very close golds Have all flasks, pots, invis pots, and food.

Past season Glad, HoH/HoA, heroic raiding experience, etc.

Free almost anytime I'm online so feel free to add me.

Battletag: Aoo#1483
496 Fury Warrior
7/9 Gold Experience

Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery

Looking to work on getting challenge modes done within the next couple of days.

4/16 Heroic Experience
Available all day.
BM / Surv hunter (have many pets for raid buff's)
i am looking to complete them all
currently have :
Gold Temple of Jade Serpent
Gold Shado-pan Monastery
I can run them Sunday thru Saturday 1pm EST until 11pm EST
my battle tag is Patronshots#1732

Can run some now!!! add me
7/9 Alliance tank LF Siege or scarlet Monastery urgently - need to get these blasted out today. On and available all day.

Have all consumables strats and experience

8/9 Gold 498 shadow priest
LF Gold SSB. I have experience with this CM. about 30sec off gold
4/16 H exp
Looking for a good group to knock this out quick!
502 Frost DK LF a solid gold group, But willing to work at it.

Have all necessary consumables (300stat food, Flasks, Pots.)

Available now and most of the day, Battletag: Jiveturkey#1688

499 Mistweaver/ 489 Windwalker Monk LF CM golds.

Knows instances

Has consumables (15 and 18 sec invis pots, 300 food, dps pots)

3/9 Bronze XP (Siege, SB, SPM), 8/16H Raid XP

Available all day today and weekend

3/9 GOLD on my Hpally but looking to start on this character

LF all dungeons GOLD.

Available most nights after 7pm EST.

Looking for a healer for Palace gold attempt tonite at 11pm cst. Everyone in the group has gold experience and we're comfortable working with one another. Please have appropriate consumables and mumble.


Hance Horde Shammy LF Any Gold Attempt Now If possible



Available Whenever - Have Mumble / Vent
Frost DK Online Now for Gold CM's~

9/9 experience w/ druid, looking for solid groups.
Have my consumables.

9/9 gold rogue now looking to tank on BLOOD DK (1/9g)

prepares with flasks ect

pst kida#1720
Assassination rogue LF any Gold attempts.
Know my class inside and out, almost always top dps among equally geared players, used to pugging, but haven't attempted challenge modes yet.
Have flasks/food.
Rank 7 Brawler (haven't attempted next bosses yet)
Available almost any day after 4 p.m. EST
Battletag: Vintorez#1327
Resto druid LF all GOLD runs except Gates / Scarlet Halls.
15/16 heroics cleared as a healer.
Have done 9/9 gold. my druid.

Resto Shaman LF ALL GOLD RUNS except Gates. my shaman.

Add if interested // for questions.

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