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Horde Frost DK LF ANY CMs. Don't mind helping people with Golds I already have if its a solid group.

4/9 Golds, experience in all of them with very close golds

Have all flasks, pots, invis pots, and food.

Past season Glad, HoH/HoA, heroic raiding experience, etc.

Free almost anytime I'm online so feel free to add me.

Battletag: Aoo#1483
LF a Great group to do Challenge Modes Gold with.

6/16H, geared and experienced.

500 Resto / 492 Elemental.

Have all necessary consumables etc.

On all day, erry day.

Give us a Pm teebee#6765.

16/16nm and 7/16hm exp 3/9CM "SSB, SM, and MSP"
Horde 502ilvl BM/SV Hunter looking to do:
Jade temple, Gotss, SPM, SH, Scholo, and Niuzao all on gold
I can run any day Sunday - Thursdays 5pm-midnight MST


Ally frost dk
3/9 gold JTS, SH and Gate
2/9 silver Scholo,Siege
looking for GOLD CM's
available all weekend anytime
Resto druid LF all GOLD runs except Gates / Scarlet Halls.
15/16 heroics cleared as a healer.
Have done 9/9 gold. my druid.

Resto Shaman LF ALL GOLD RUNS except Gates. my shaman.

Prefer to go on shaman.

Add if interested // for questions.
8/9 Gold 498 shadow priest
LF Gold SSB. I have experience with this CM. about 30sec off gold
4/16 H exp
Looking for a good group to knock this out quick!

will help with others after ssb on my resto/ele shammy
Prot Warrior LF Gold Challenge modes
15/16 Heroic exp
9/9 Gold on my Blood DK

4/9 Gold Need:
Gold Stormstout Brewery
Gold Scarlet Monastery
Gold Jade Temple
Gold Siege of Niuzao Temple
Gold Mogu'shan Palace

Available all weekend

ímperius#1139 (alt 161)

Skype is a must... I will not accept Battle tag requests that don't say anything or just say "CM", please provide what class/roll you are. Thanks
9/9 Gold Brewmaster tank looking to do Gold CMs on my Ret Paladin
Need everything but SH.

On my Enhance/Resto shaman
Need everything but Siege, Shado-pan Monastery and Stormstout Brewery. Can heal or dps.

And on my Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Need everything but SH.

Prepared with pots/flasks/invis pots (15/18)/etc.
Looking for a solid group to knock out the golds I need, can help tank on my monk if necessary for others.

B-Tag: Thunderhowl#1277
8/9 Disc/Shadow LF Gold SPM

lf shado pan gold on this character for shado master

have 9/9 golds on my rdruid

Ret, Holy, or Prot!

Experienced player, know my role and how to play them all (ex-gladiator, 2300+ in Cata RBGs, completed Naxx40/Funwell/HLK 25 when relevant, rank 8 brawler). Looking for gold (or at least silver) runs.

Free after 5PM PST on weekdays and free all day/night on weekends (I'll do 48 hours straight if you want).

I have all consumables and 300 stat food ready. Already know the strats through videos and I'm willing to learn different ones as you request. Have vent and mumble, willing to hunt down my Skype password if necessary.

Group LF Challenge mode .. Temple of jade serpent..

New group.. ready right now, need 2 dps and group is set,

We need a hunter/ shaman/ mage

Shazaam#1457 Battletag

Not a whole lot of experience with challenge modes, but I'm looking for groups to go for golds with. I am prot spec, 7/16 H in raids, 499 ilvl, and am told by most that I'm the best tank they've seen in years/ever. I'm looking for a challenge here to improve my tanking, but also don't want to run my face into the wall. My ideal times would be this Sunday before 5pm and anytime on Monday.
I will have relevant stat food, pots, flasks, and so forth. I have vent as my primary method of VOIP comms, but I'm comfortable with Mumble as well and can use Skype.
499 Mistweaver/ 489 Windwalker Monk LF CM golds.

Knows instances

Has consumables (15 and 18 sec invis pots, 300 food, dps pots, flasks, ambers) vent, mumble, skype

3/9 Bronze XP (Siege, SB, SPM), 8/16H Raid XP

Available all day today and weekend

Combat Rogue LF Gold CM's
10/16H/501 equipped

4/9 Gold Needed

Mogu'shan Palace Gold
Temple of the jade Serpent Gold
Siege of Niuzao Temple Gold
Stormstout Brewery Gold

Avaliable Friday-Monday all times past 5pm EST, and after 1:30am EST on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

I have plenty of 300 food, invis pots, flasks and potions. Able to use any voice communication program.

Battletag: Wingless#1601
Aff/Demo looking for Gold runs. Currently 4/8 gold. Have silver in all others (mount run)
Stll need - Mogu Palace, SM, Jade serpent, Siege, SSB
Have all consumables/invis pots
16/16 Heroics - 505 ilvl

Available now through the night.

9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911
8/9 Disc/Shadow LF Gold SPM


online now!
Alliance Fury Warrior LFG!

2/9 Gold (Scholo/SH) Need everything else! 9/9 CM experience.

Have consumable and vent/etc. Available anytime!


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