KJC + Demonic Circle?

Why can't i cast DC whilst moving if I've chosen KJC as a talent?
..or when mounting? It is a spell too, yes?
Well, you can cast soul well while using KC. IKR. >.<
02/15/2013 12:55 PMPosted by Psyops
Probably since it would allow people to get floating portals up or something if they did it while jumping.

You can actually do this with glyph of eye of killrog. It can instantly cast the teleport pad - it can do it in mid-air too.

I'm guessing the reason it's a 1.5 second cast is that it removes snares when you use the secondary teleport. Otherwise it'd be a anti-snare available every 30 seconds.
You have not even addressed the most heinous crime that Blizz has committed against Locks in regards to KJC...CANNOT MOVE WHILE /DANCING!

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