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Hey guys, I'm starting to just level a warlock alt and I like the class but I'm just curious as to what is a good leveling spec or what is the funnest or the highest dps.

I'm interested in what you guys think, but if you do choose a spec, I'd like to know why you think it is (ie, fun rotation, highest dps, greatest survivability/good leveling, etc)
Alot will tell you destr past 85. I did demo from 1-90 when not in dungeons. Once I got my main spells for affliction I did that in dungeons. I honestly don't like the changes to destr after 5.0.

Any of them work really with the new talent system. Just make sure when your questing your voidwalker is the pet you have out no matter what spec. Eventually you may want to consider grimoire of supremacy as well to turn him into a voidlord.

Don't get soul link either, bad idea
All three are perfectly viable for leveling, so there's no wrong choice. If the flavor of one of the specs appeals to you more than the others, you should definitely choose that one.

That said, Affliction does have some shortcomings during the fast-paced fights you'll face while questing or in leveling dungeons. Affliction's damage has a ramp up time, and a lot of mobs (especially in dungeons) will be dead before you've finished applying your dots. This can end up feeling a little clunky.

At the other end of that scale, Destruction has a couple of advantages in the kind of fights you see while leveling. Destruction has heavy-hitting, instant cast execute (Shadowburn) and the ability to copy a spell to a second target (Havoc), which means that Destruction can obliterate a pair of mobs extremely quickly.
Hmmm okay,

Since being a past hunter, I kinda just chose demonology (currently only lvl 10) since it sounded similar. I'll have to try the others before I make a judgement.
Affliction damage is much higher then destro an demo is even lower at end game content.

Leveling though is total up to what you feel is the perfect fit for you since does not matter as much.
Affl has a huge ramp up time and destro doesn't. In low level instances you'll be applying dots still while the mob dies, its aggravating. Imo Level as Destro or demo, switch to Affl after 85 if you feel you need more dps.
Destro- Super easy, simple rotation, very little ramp up time. Hard to mess this spec up.

Affliction- harder than average, fairly long ramp up time, top potential damage(though not ahead by a huge amount)

Demo- (I've played Demo since I started playing WoW, by far my favorite spec) Rotation is very situation dependent, so it's hard for some people to understand. vs single target ramp up time is ridiculously long. Vs mobs of 3-5, ramp up is not bad. Damage is great if you know what you're doing, terrible if you don't.

I'd recommend playing as Demo. But as I said, Demo locks are my favorite and I wish there were more of us. If you don't learn the rotation now, it might be too overwhelming at 90.

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