Group looking to transfer and raid

Our guild recently imploded on us and myself and a few friends were looking to continue to raid together while still progressing we are currently looking for 25 man progression and we are not looking for backup positions ally or horde does not matter. We are an ele shammy, resto shammy, and a warrior tank our armory links are posted below and the resto sham is a reroll but he plays his role well pls message on here if interested we will be checking often and we will get back to you or leave your info. Links posted below.

ele shammy

resto shammy

War tank

the resto shammy rerolled from a lock whos link is
Don't forget that the past 3 expansions I've gotten 3 realm firsts :D

P.S..don't laugh at my trinkets, they have insecurity issues.
Welcome to Sargeras!
If you're wanting to raid within a 25 Player setting, then I suggest you faction change to Alliance. However, since this suggestion is counter productive to the Horde, I'll go out on a limb and tell you to remain with us. ;o

P.S. Join my guild!

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