[RP]A Meeting with Bordak

Emerald Dream
Mcskinner strolled into the Dwarven District of Stormwind just as the sun was starting to set over the city. He didn’t come here often but he figured he had to seek out the strange man who cornered him the other day. So he headed into the tavern and had him self a short mug of mead and a slice of cheese.

As he was finishing up his food, Mcskinner noticed a young lad clearing tables.

“Laddie, do yeh know a fellow named Bordak?” Mcskinner questioned the boy.

“Yes master dwarf, I do.”

“Could yeh go and fetch him for meh, tell him there is a dwarf to see him, and tell him to meet me ‘ere.” Mcskinner told the boy as he tossed him a large silver coin.

After a short while the boy returned with the paladin in toe. The paladin seemed very excited, too excited, so excited one might say he was a bit insane in the head.

“AH! You came! Come to tell me about the statue? Tell me of how it walks and talks and moves about under the half moon every 1000 years? Is it true? Did you come to tell me? Well? ANSWER ME!” Bordak shouted as he tried to catch his breath.

“Sit down, and shut that hole in yer head!” Mcskinner said with a stern voice.

Bordak sat down anxiously, folding his hands on the table in front of him and staring intently at Mcskinner.

“First thing is first, yeh be the one buyin..”Mcskinner said as he raised his glass so the bartender could give him a refill.

Bordak looked as if he was going to say something, but after seeing the look Mcskinner gave him he just nodded his head in agreement and waited for the dwarf to speak.

“Teh answer yer question you must first know the story behind that statue. It is a statue of Modimus Anvilmar, the high king of all dwarves. When he ruled the three clans were united. No wars, no fighting each other, just peace and prosperiteh. When he died it sparked the War of the Three Hammers. Probably because throne passed on to the Bronzebeards, which made sense of course, Anvilmar was closet to them by blood and history.” Mcskinner went on telling his story as he could see he had Bordak’s full attention.

Mcskinner paused for a moment, just long enough to finish off his mug. He made a gesture to Bordak implying that it was empty and it needed refilling.
“For god sakes can we get some service here!” Shouted Bordak, “I am sorry sir dwarf, please continue. And you wench..” Bordak addressed the waitress, “..leave that damn pitcher here, I’ll pour his drink myself!”

“Please continue sir. Does that statue come to life?” Bordak questioned.

“I’ll get the that laddie just be patient. Now, the statue shows King Anvilmar holding a great hammer in one of his hands. It was known as the Hammer of the High King, passed on from one king to the next. It was one of our most sacred artifacts.”

“Was? What do you mean was?” Bordak question.

“Questions, always questions. If yeh jus’ let me keep talkin I would tell yeh what I mean!” Mcskinner barked back.

“Sorry sir, I’m just so eager, so anxious. I need to know, tell me, TELL ME!” Bordak shouted and quickly placed a hand over his mouth, and then gesturing with his hands for Mcskinner to go on.

“Teh hammer was lost sometime around the war. They say that each of the clans got a piece of it. The Bronzebeards kept the head; the Dark Irons had teh crystal, which they placed on teh head of a staff, and the Wildhammers carved the handle into a scepter. But teh funneh part of teh story is that teh only document that proved this, turns out to be a fake. So, no one really knows what happened to the Kings Hammer.”

Mcskinner finished his story and downed the last of his ale and stood up, “Well I must be off, have ta get back ta Ironforge.”

Bordak jumped up from his seat, “Wait a minute! What about the statue!”

“What do yeh mean, I just told yeh everything there is to know about it. Weren’t yeh listening?” Mcskinner looked at Bordak with a blank expression.

Bordak was getting a little bit upset. He started pacing back and forth and breathing quite heavy. “You said you were going to answer my question. Does the statue come to life or not?!” Bordak shouted as he slammed his fist on the table. Now the entire tavern had stopped what they were doing and stared in anticipation as to what was going to happen next. Brakka had come in from outside and now stood beside Mcskinner, growling at Bordak.

“Now now..” Bordak said to Brakka, “I was just talking to your nice master here. Just a friendly conversation…” Bordak backed away and quickly drew out his sword, “I don’t want any trouble, I just want to know the truth!” Bordak was starting to sweat; his eyes scanned the room back and forth.
“Brakka, that’s enough, come, lets get out of here.”Mcskinner turned and headed for the door.

“Dwarf! The truth is all I want!” Bordak shouted as he dropped to his knees, “Bring this madness to an end!”

“Well madness is teh right word, but I think it is with in yourself you should look, for only a mad man would think that a stone statue that has stood for hundreds of years, simply walks about because teh moon is half full.” Mcskinner looked at Bordak with pity, he had seen madmen before, and what madness can do to a man, it’s never pretty.

Mcskinner turned to the door and just as he got to it he turned back to Bordak who had just gotten to his feet, “Yeh know, teh other dwarf you spoke to, are yeh sure he meant that statue in particular, cause yeh know there is another one in Thor Modan up in teh frozen northlands. With powers such as the ones the Lich King had….” Mcskinner gave a shrug and then headed out of the tavern and down the street, whistling a tune.
((hehe holy crap I am a mad man, wonderful!))

*Bordak watches the dwarf leave, quiet for a long moment. Then he heads out, turns left and quickly boards the tram to Iron Forge intent on finding that dwarf, following him until the answers are given, the secrets released.*

*Later, after many hours, Bordak comes at last to the entrance of Iron Forge, through the halls of The Commons. And stares at the statue, for many minutes motionless, trying to divine its purpose. He wanders then into the Auction House, busy with patrons and dwarves all intent upon commerce. An then it hits him...*

That dwarf is...frigging...

*Bordak chuckles a bit.*

100% percent part of the conspiracy. Yep , Clan Battlehammer are cruel guardians of the secrets they hold.

*Stepping outside, into the Commons, surrounded by working dwarves busy going about their daily business, Bordaks turns in circles shouting at the top of his lungs.*

And everyone one of you craggly mountains of stone is part of it, the WHOLE LOT OF YOU!!!! Hahhahahahahaaa

*Bordak laughs himself into tears as dwarves stop for a second, staring. Then seeing just a crazy human they (the two being equal perhaps in their minds) get on with something important.*

*Bordak shakes his head still laughing, his hands on his knees as his sides ache from the release.*

Never let an elf say they hold the winning hand when dealing in subtlety. It is all lies, dwarves my friends, all of you *gesturing around him* are the kings.

*Then smiling, certain that he will never crack a secret a dwarf wishes kept secret, he moves on, looking forward to an intersting spring.*

Darkshire and chefs....perhaps my fellow humans will be more forth coming. *Tightening his belt, and unconscionably checking his sword and shield, he walks towards the gryphons.* There are too many chefs in Darkshire, that mystery must be answered. Or at least looked into.

*At last, cold wind breaking on his face as he rushes from the entrance of Iron Forge, he turns back looking again upon that strange statue.*

You have bested me this time good sirs. I salute you.

*After raising his hand to his brow, Bordak turns, leaving the past and its mysteries to lie where they lay, wrapped tightly in the stones of Iron Forge, held close to the dwarven heart.*

((Wonderful denouement for this quest McSkinner, thank you for the assistance in this. It was unclear where it would head. I like this ending better than others I had thought may come about. It gives the dwarves more character, me thinks. Very nice. :))

*had to edit the first rough post a bit, still needs some work, but more than suffices for now. :))
((But my good bordak, what about the hint of the other statue i gave you?))
((No I have not forgotten that, it was noted, but I did not bring it up on purpose. And that short arc was so good to end there. Bordak's two brothers are up north and I have a bad feeling about them. It is there likely where Bordak learns more of his real family (he was raised by a noble dwarven blacksmith in Westfall, adopted as his brothers, supposedly orphans of war or violence). But there is, I think, a cost to some knowledge as one Battlehammer memeber mentioned in Kharanos That story, though, must wait. In fact, I think Bordak has spent enough time ignoring his early training in blacksmithing, spending time gathering herbs. Yes. Back to the original roots, as it were. :))

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