[Suggestion] Warlock Questchain - Fel Eyes

So, I just got through the new (and, in my opinion, awesome) Warlock questline, which in the end you finally get the option to have the passive The Codex of Xeroth, the one that actually makes your fire green.

But I thought, "Ok, I now have fel energy coarsing through my body. And the only thing that changes is that my fire spells are now green?". Of course that by itself is already great, by no means I'm saying it isn't. But I imagined how easy it would be to add to that very passive the additional effect of having green fiery glowing eyes. And by "fiery" I mean really fiery, something simple, but distinct from the simple glowing green eyes of the blood elves (the very source of my line of thought, at least the one that is included in-game).

So, that is a mere suggestion, but I would like not only that a blue read this and maybe passed the idea for the guys above, but also to know what the rest of the Warlock community thinks of that. Would you like having the option to, after doing a long and epic questline, get burning green eyes along with green fire, or do you feel like that would be too much?

Share your opinions!

PS: If someone else already talked about that idea extensively somewhere else that I couldn't find, please post the link to that topic on a comment so that we can all go there and check it out.

PS²: If a blue sees that one, please erase the following topic I posted in the wrong place: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7924372764 . Thanks in advance.
It is a cool idea, and I am all for making locks even cooler than they already are (coolest cats in the game).

My only issue is...
Not many other classes have all the great asthetic perks like locks. I think it is asking a bit too much.

Mages, Rogues, Warriors, Hunters, DK's, Pally's.. etc, to my knowledge (which is limited) dont have too many fancy physical effects that are passive.

I could be wrong, but from what I see in game nothing about these toons ever stands out as far as asthetics perks from the actual class.

We already have demon form which is just amazing imo, even though I am not demonology *yet*.
Destruction has a limited asthetic effect with embers *awesome, wish it was passive 100% of the time*.
Affliction doesn't have a neat effect but the spec is just brilliant and that is plenty enough for me :)

But hey, throw me the option for fiery green eyes of doom and I'd take it.
Im all for it.. I think its a cool idea.
I want to get upgraded to a felblood elf :(
02/15/2013 07:51 PMPosted by Crocelle
Bro, DK's got an icy blue eye by default. Without even having to waste their time earning it.

Exactly. And some other classes have cool aesthetic perks through glyphs, for example the glowing Paladin mount or the Rogue appearence copy from some CC on stealth (not a great rogue expert here). I know Warlocks got some too, not denying it, but most of them have some purpose, Demon Form, for example. The eyes would be purely cosmetic stuff.
As I said, I'm no expert -_-
02/15/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Analegon
But I imagined how easy it would be to add to that very passive the additional effect of having green fiery glowing eyes.

Horns of the Betrayer says Hello!
Horns of the Betrayer says Hello!

Oh, sure, sure, equipment comes in handy for those kinds of things. But taking as an example the headpiece you mentioned, few can obtain such an epic and unique armor (that is a polite way of saying I envy you, damn it. GIMME YO STUFF!).

Besides, the effect wouldn't depend on equipment, for those that don't like leaving the helmet on, or for other helmets that don't cover your eyes.

Lastly, yes, I did understand your comment right. It was my terrible envy typing.

Would love to see this happen so that Affliction and to a lesser extent Demo can enjoy the green fire quest as well!
Indeed, Affliction warlocks won't almost never enjoy the effect of the Codex of Xeroth, aside from an ocasional Rain of Fire. It would be great for them to have the fiery eyes effect as a bonus.

As for Demo, while they do have the green Demon Form, it is something that is used mainly (at least its intent is to be) in combat.

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