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First of all, I'm interested in normal and heroic mode raiding. I don't really know where to start, as this is my first character I got to end level and I never have done those modes before. I think my gear is good enough for raiding, but I'm not sure about DPS. My dps usually ranges 40-60k. My rotation is, (from the start), Ravage, Rake, Spam Shred until 5 CP. Use Rip, then at 0 CP I use Rake, spam shred till 5 CP, then Savage Roar. I make sure SR and Rip never wear out. I'm wondering if I could be doing something to up my DPS, and I'm also wondering if I can raid at my current state.
First off drop incarnation for pve, while its a monster in pvp for pve the sustained damage of sotf is way better.

Don't clip your bleeds, rake with less than 3 seconds on rake, and rip with less than 2 seconds on rip. SR as late as possible however don't screw yourself into dropping rip for a while because of it.

Generally speaking as a feral unless there's a prot warrior or tanking druid you need to maintain the armor debuff, its a decent raid dps gain depending on your raid make up, and as a feral you have plenty of free globals to keep it and when compared to warriors and rogues its 100% free.

Make sure your using TF on CD, this means you have to plan for it. Generally speaking I always keep my energy right about 60-70, then dump when TF is coming up. Its important to pool energy as feral because a)there's no dps loss unless you cap, and b) it allows you to play catch up quickly if a bleed or sr falls off.

If its a fight with a long execute range and you'll be on boss the whole time save your second potion for the execute range so you can roll a rip with +4k agility. If your raid is for some reason not lusting on the pull and not lusting in execute range then use your second potion when lust goes out.

You also have to have SR glyph, while its a dps loss to use it as a primary means to keep it up, its an indefinite gain on the pull and any time where you have a risk of SR falling off.

Other than that really the only other thing is using thrash on OOC procs, but only if you don't need the combo point. IE don't use thrash if you don't have rip up and your only at 2 cps with no energy. In fact until you feel comfortable with the normal rotation it maybe best to just not use it.

As far as secondary stats go feral is much closer than most people make it out to be. Technically hit/exp are a bit lower than crit/haste/mastery, however I find its nice to not worry about misses/dodges, smooths out the rotation and for a normal player any dps gain in secondary stats will more than likely be offset by a screw up or to due to missing frequently. As far as crit/haste/mastery are concerned its mostly a toss up on a tank and spank fight, you simply have to sim your gear to see where your at. However any fight where your out of melee range crit/mastery become better because they continue to do damage as long as dots are on the boss, and on fights where you can bleed cleave mastery is just amazing.
I very rarely stealth into a boss fight. I typically start my rotation by putting FF on the boss. I find using Ravage in stealth on the pull is a DPS loss because your main goal is to get Savage Roar on a decent time before doing anything else and also using Tiger's Fury to get Rake and Rip on the target and somewhere in between getting those dots on the target you need to pop Berserk which should be macro-ed to Incarnation/Nature's Vigil/Virmen's Bite and any racial or other buff/trinket. Then you should be spamming Ravage until Incarnation is off. Make sure to keep all DoTs up while doing this, including Savage Roar. If there is more than 10 seconds on both SR and Rip and you have 5CP then and only then Ferocious Bite. Once CDs have fallen off you continue to keep all DoTs up as much as possible. You will have times where one or more of them may fall off so in this case your priority in getting some back up is SR/Rip/Rake. You must have 100% up time with SR for optimal DPS. Make sure to Virmen's Bite pot before the pull so you can get the 4k agility for the burst that you're about to do. You'll have another potion when your CDs are back up. (If your group hasn't popped lust at the start. Then you'll want to use your next round of CDs when they do. Not when they're off CD.) Make sure to keep Tiger's Fury on CD at all times. If you're pulling energy to just Shred while your DoT's tick. Then switch to Bear Form and put a Thrash and a Lacerate on the boss or other targets. The stat priority is Agility/Mastery/Expertise/Hit/Critical Strike Rating. I typically hold 90-120k on most boss fights with these techniques. If you follow these, despite gear, you should be pulling close to that. If you find yourself getting discouraged, don't be. This spec is quite difficult and you said this was your first character/first spec at end raiding content. You will find it to be quite difficult. You can raid with any gear, you just have to be able to follow the priority list.
My rotation is ...

You won't have a rotation, you'll be making decisions on what to do during the fight. Your priorities are to always have SR up, and always have the rip and rake bleeds going. From there, it's all about trying to maximize the conversion of both energy and time into damage. That means attempting to not energy cap, not clipping bleeds, and not letting your buffs/bleeds drop.

Go play in LFR. Unless you're snoozing during the fights, even with full PVP gear, you'll be able to keep up with the group, and you'll get to actually practice your abilities while moving and reacting to mechanics. Then if you want to be awesome, run a combatlog and put it into World of Logs. Check it against other ferals. Look for bleed and buff uptime. Check on how often you're using CDs and any on-use trinkets. Watch for any Parries (which would mean you're in front of a boss - shouldn't be in front except on the first boss of Spirit Kings).

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