Understanding Death knight unholy spec

Death Knight
Looking for the suggestions for spell casting balance timing order and anything posable for good casting and macros hard working spell casting so we have what we need to win.
I worry so much. Anyway I think he is asking for one of the following:

1. General macros an unholy dk could find useful. Especially things that could reduce key binds (like linking dps trinkets to a cooldown).

2. May be asking for some sort of cast sequence macro to do things for them (like a button that does the rotation). If that is the case then there is no such thing since they broke all these types of macros.

3. I am completely off with one or two, in which case we ask you to articulate your post better.
Helpful macros are

Summon Gargoyle

#showtooltip Summon Gargoyle
/cast Unholy Frenzy
/use (Put your DPS trinket here)
/cast Summon Gargoyle

The reason for the actual spellcast being last is that by the time it gets to the Gargoyle line, the previous effects will be listed on your stats when Gargoyle takes from your stats.

Death Coil Macro
#showtooltip Death Coil
/cast [mod:shift, @pet] Death Coil; Death Coil
/cast Claw
/cast Blood Tap

Note, the last line is if you're specced into it and are PvPing, since it's better to have runes come off cd ASAP so you aren't sitting on them, as well as you may forget about it. This macro lets you fire Death Coils at your pet when you hold shift. This also makes your pet use its claw ability, if you don't have it on Autocast.

Pet Abilities
#showtooltip Gnaw
/cast Gnaw
/pet attack

#showtooltip Leap
/cast Leap
/pet attack

#showtooltip Huddle
/cast !Huddle;

You generally don't need Claw there, but you can make a macro for it if you want.

Chains of Ice
#showtooltip Chains of Ice
/cast [mod shift, @focus] Chains of Ice; Chains of Ice

This casts Chains of Ice at your focus target when holding Shift. You can change Shift to Alt, Ctrl, or any other Mod-Key.
Look up Reinhart da Russian on YouTube, he is a 2300+ UH DK, and has tons of vids on how to play UH, pretty much every aspect of it he covers very thoroughly.

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