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Now it has been a while since i have been on wow but if any of you remember i was fairly active over here on the mage forums. Basically what this thread is about is what has changed? I have read the patch notes, noticed a few things (scorch weaving is gone AB mana cost gone up etc..) What is everyone going to do? Will mages be frost now? Go back to fire what is everybody doing? Plus the set bonuses i'm interested to see how everyone will go about using these. I for one and looking forward to that extra haste it should be fun (especially if you are a troll with berserking) should be good burst... So my main question is:

Fire/Frost/Arcane for 5.2 what are Method's mages and the top 10 mages doing? As always thanks for reading :)


EDIT: PvE sorry :)
They are currently tweaking arcane on the PTR too much to give you a definitive answer. Many mages are looking to frost for the beginning of 5.2 (or sticking with arcane) and then heading off into fire once they gear up.

Again, this all depends on what happens to arcane. Doesn't look good, though.

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