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Hey guys, I was wondering what your favorite class is for beginners? I want something that's not too complicated and fun to play at the same time.

There isn't really a beginner-specific class. Everyone starts out with very few abliities and the classes gradually get more complex, so the learning curve is pretty gentle. Play whatever you think looks cool/fun and maybe try a few different classes.
I'm not really a good player, I'm really a beginner (everybody else has multiple level 90 toons), so feel I am emmintently qualified to give advice here based on my own experience. I've played around with several different classes at low levels.

To start with, I think a really importance class difference for beginners to consider is melee versus range. I hate melee because I am not that coordinated, and have a slow internet connection. I did try Paladin and Rogue briefly, but did not like having to move around with the Rogue. I also tried Monk up to about level 22, another melee class. I did not like the issue of how to close distance to isolate a mob. Although, monk is the new class and a lot of people are enjoying it. The combat annimation is really great for monk, martial arts stuff.

I recommend starting with a range class, either Warlock or Hunter. I found both to be very forgiving because the pet can keep mobs off you. Mage, in my opinion is a little tricky for beginners because you have to kite (move around) to keep our distance from the mob. However, some people really loves mages. I did dabble with Priest, shadow spec, to about level 22. I found it kind of boring, personally speakin

Between Warlock or Hunter, it seems to me that Hunter does a good amount of damage compared to Warlock at low levels. It does get boring after awhile, although most classes do once you settle into a routine. I have played both Warlock and Hunter up to at least level 45, and right now I like Hunter because I can move around while I shoot if I get bored. But, it's not really necessary for surviival. I found there is a lot of standing around with the Warlock, although I did enjoy the interesting demons for quite awhile.

If you go a spellcaster like Warlock, Mage or Priest, I suggest doing the Deadmines Dungeon over and over once you hit level 15. You can pick up great caster gear, which will make the game more enjoyable since you can level faster with better gear.

If you go a leather class like Hunter, Monk, Rogue I suggest doing the Wailing Caverns Dunegon over and over once you hit level 15. There is great leather gear in this dungeon.

I left out many classes that I know nothing about, but it will get you started!
Druid is a good starter class because it can perform all four roles. Ranged DPS, melee DPS, tank, and healer. Even if you find you don't like playing a druid, it might help you figure out which role you like to play.
I personally love Shaman. You can be a Dps or a healer. Depending on your taste, it can suit you well and messing around with totems and switching from Else to Restro is quite fun.
Notice how people recommend druid, warlock, hunter, shaman. Eventually all classes will get recommended. All classes can easily be played by beginners. Every class gets more and more complex as you level up.
And no one class is more 'fun' or 'easy' for everyone. Some people say mages are easy, but I've seen more 'my mage keeps dying' posts than any other class. Others say hunters are easy, but new people often get confused by the pet. It's even worse for fun, what appeals to different people is completely different and one person's 'fun character' is another's 'OMG that is lame' and another's 'I can't understand those runes/mana/energy/rage/chi/etc'. Druids, paladins, and monks have the advantage of being highly hybrid so you can try different playstyles on a single character, but the disadvantage of it not being clear which one you want.
It depends on you, but some classes have more "survivability" than others. Basically, some classes will die a lot more while leveling if you don't know how to play them. Warriors and Paladins will rarely die and can take on several mobs at once without breaking a sweat. Mages and warlocks have a much harder time with that. Hunters are easy, but they're pretty boring with all the changes that have been made the past few years.

Shaman are fun, and with the self-heals available to all specs (plus totems) they have great surviviablility. Druids as well. So:

Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Shaman, Hunter. Other classes are more complex and/or unforgiving.
Just play a class and race that you like/enjoy and you will do just fine.
Try a few out see if you like casting or stabbing see if you like being a meat shield or healing. Nothing can't be undone and no time having fun in game is wasted. Try different races and classes make friends explore the world. :)
You can find somebody to recommend just about any class, because they liked it. But, that doesn't mean there are not trends. As in, I would bet money that Mages give more beginners grief than Warlocks. I found my Warlock to be very easy up to level 60, where I got bored. When I was out questing with my Warlock, I sometimes saw Mages (about my level) die. I tried a mage up to about level 35, and I thought the crowd control at low levels was insufficient.

It is important to note that many people's comments are going to be based on experience up to level 90, and things change as you level. A class may start out easy, then get harder. There is a big difference between fighting one target, and having to fight multiple targets. A pet class can sometimes take on very difficult single targets. That's why, IMHO, pet classes start out fairly easy. Up to level 60, I was still able to make most fights single target, and had a fairly easy time because the pet kept the mob busy. However, a fight with multiple targets is going to probably favor a class that has good self healing abilities. But beginners are probably going to be sticking to single target fights for quite awhile.

It doesn't hurt to just try different classes. You can probably level a character up to 20 in a few days, and it will give you an idea of the basic mechanics. Heck, you can level multiple characters simultaneously! Start 3 or 4 different ones, and switch back and forth whenever ou feel like it!
My first character was a balance druid. I just didn't really enjoy the magic casting classes and decided I prefer more up, close, and in your back kind of play style. Choose something that seems to appeal to you and if you don't like it don't give up there are plenty more classes!
My first character was a warrior not this warrior but its quite fun I started with a simple class "Warrior" Every character you can have can be a warrior.
My first character was a warrior not this warrior but its quite fun I started with a simple class "Warrior" Every character you can have can be a warrior.

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