ll daytime raiding guild

due to scheduling at work and shift changes to a promotion i am being moved to night and seeking a daytime raiding guild. the times available would be 8am to 12pm or 5pm to 9pm. i am 10/16. il 490
Hi there Koka

I think i had a breif chat with your warlock the other day.. '
I run a small midday raiding guild. Our current raiding schedule:

Tuesday: 2.45 - 6.00pm EST (server time)
Wednsday: 2.45 - 6.00pm EST (server time)
Friday: 6.30 -10.00pm EST (server time)
Sunday: 2.45 - 6.00pm EST (server time)

We dont run a 100% attendance - But i perfer some consistency in the 2.45pm weekday team!!

Whisper me and lets talk.. again :)

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