<Seraph> Recruiting for New Teams!

The Seraph Late Night Community has been rapidly growing this expansion and per our member's requests we have added two new raid programs within our guild. We will now have our main 25man Heroic Progression Team, a new 10man Heroic Progression Team and a semi casual one night a week 25man Team all under our Seraph roof.

Visit www.seraphguild.com for all details.


The first team are currently known as Seraph10 and is a progression 10man raid team lead by Peterpandah. This team raids a midweek schedule and takes place a few hours prior to our main raid team. Peter is working hard to get this team filled with quality players and is determinded to make this team as good as it can be. Peter is a great raid leader and I'm sure in time he will be giving our main 25man team a run for its money.

Seraph10: Tues, Weds, Thurs 8pm-11pm server time.

Seraph PlanB 25man Casual Raid Team

Our next new team is a casual late night one night a week raid program that includes many of our Friends and Family members, Alts of our main raiders/officers and friends from other guilds wanting a break from their normal hectic raid schedules. This team raids only one night a week and for only 4 hours. It's design is to create a fun place to raid for some of our members who cannot commit to a full raid schedule, but still have the desire to see the content and experince it as much as they can. This team is being lead by Wubwubs and Lawlie, so feel free to bug them anytime you want and if you're interested in joining it, stop by our website and say hi.

Seraph PlanB: Wed 11pm-3am server.

We are also adding friendly people who like to be up late to our guild. Seraph will routinely have over 40 people online well into the wee hours of the evening, so if you're a night owl and are looking for a Late Night community to participate in and arn't a douche bag, feel free to come see what we are about. We do request that our members are over the age of 18 though so keep that in mind.

I'm also interested in bringing in a small PvP guild to start up SeraphPvP, so any GMs out there that may want to be part of a bigger picture and run our guilds PvP program, I'd love to talk to you about it. I personally just dont have the time to make it happen and am looking for someone in the near future to take control of our community's pvp program. As always, I am only interested in bringing in friendly people who are enjoyable to be around.

Any further questions, feel free to track me down and say hello!


Looking for players to fill roles asap and get these teams in a good place for 5.2.

Seraph is a great community, come see what we are about!
Also adding some fresh DPS to our main raid which is 7/16hm atm.
Bump for Plan B

in need of a few healers and dps of any class atm

Also if you want to chat addd me Jocifer2069#1314

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