What is your favorite song?

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Hard to decide.

Nightwish - Ghost Love Score.
This is an absolutely astounding song, no questions asked. Especially the build-up and explosion section around 5:20.

Renard - Terrible Ride
Though I don't listen to it much anymore, I literally have over 5000 plays of this song. Yes, I realize that's 14 straight days. It's that good.

Van Canto - Take To The Sky
TAKE TO THE SKY. LOOK BACK FROM HIGH ABOVE. The single most powerful song I've heard in years, and there's only one instrument.

Code Silver - Simon Viklund
Even though this is part of a soundtrack for a game, this is still amazing as a song on it's own. And in the game it works incredibly, I mean, getting mobbed by over 50 SWAT at once with this blaring amazingly loud, you and three of your friends holding out at the end of a hall spraying machine guns, hoping they don't flank you... Absolutely perfect.

Three Way Deal - Simon Viklund
Again, from the same game soundtrack. This time you're intimidating an IRS employee into giving you passwords for a server with $25 million on it in an abandoned building, while the cops keep cutting the power to the place, forcing you onto the roof to reset the circuit breaker... with 30 snipers aimed at it.

I'll just stop with those 5. I could be here all day if I wanted to. Can't pick a single favorite.
My Favorite Song at the Moment...
Melvins - A History of Bad Men

Live in Norway... two drummers, two jew-fros...

Aww, so many!


Pulse of the Maggots, (sic) and Snuff by Slipknot
QWERTY, Papercut and Carousel by Linkin Park
Remember the Name by Fort Minor

And a bunch of other stuff, mostly by metal bands. I have limited tastes.
I'm like everyone else. I can't just choose one song. For right now I'd have to say

- Better Off - Ten Second Epic
- Backup Plan - I Call Fives
- King for a Day - Pierce The Veil Ft. Kellin Quinn
- Sidekick - Man Overboard
- Right For Me - Brighter Brightest (Small Canadian band)
- For The Win - We Are The In Crowd

But any song by We Are The In Crowd or Brighter Brightest I absolutely love.

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music though cause even though these bands are kind of similar I do listen to everything and anything.
An ever fluctuating topic for me.

Currently it's Battle Born by The Killers. But that will probably change in a month or two.
Like others said its tough to just pick one, but a few of my favorites

Freewill by Rush

Dance of Death by Iron Maiden

Octavarium by Dream Theater

Fly by Blind Guardian

25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago
It seems my most played song on Itunes is Soul Wars by AWOLNATION, but my favorite song is Knights of Shame (also by AWOL), but is probably played less because the song is 12 minutes long.
Sainte Maxime, by Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons, is a beautiful song.

I taught myself to play it on piano, here:
Time Stand Still (at the iron hill) - Blind Guaridan

The Warrior's prayer/Blood of the kings - Manowar

Ghost Love Score - Nightwish

Emerald Sword - Rhapsody of Fire

Dragon's Lair - Saxon
Warriors of the World (United) - Manowar
An epic sing along
Rebellion - Grave Digger and Hansi Kursch

Gates of Babylon - Rainbow
The lyrics, holy crap

Norwegian Lovesong - Leave's Eyes
An amazing ballad

Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
Just about almost any song by Van Halen is at the top of the list for me. Favorite by them would probably be "Dreams" though.
N.I.B- Black Sabbath
* Cobrastyle by Teddybears
* Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin' Criminals
* Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen by Rammstein
* Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe
* Imagine by John Lennon
* Cat's In The Cradle by Harry Chapin
* The Lost Vikings,
and Thunderhorse by Dethklok
* Voices by Disturbed
* the three albums Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules and Born Again by Black Sabbath (although I like
all of Black Sabbath's music up until Born Again, don't really care for anything afterward)
* Let Me Hear You Scream by Ozzy Osbourne
* And lastly Park Theme by Buckethead (also Welcome To Bucketheadland, which is pretty much
the same song re-recorded).
Keine Liebe by Eisbrecher
Beautiful Scum by Ashbury Heights
Inhuman by Aesthetic Perfection
Snuff by Slipknot
Space and Time by VNV Nation
Morpheus by In Strict Confidence
Insecthead by Dismantled
The Noise Inside My Head by Assemblage 23
The Great Below by Nine Inch Nails
Demon Be Gone by L'ame Immortelle

Top 10. All of them are equal since they have some sort of meaning and had impact on me beyond just sounding good and all suit different moods.
Can't really list just one.

A Perfect Circle - "Orestes"

Killswitch Engage - "My Last Serenade"

Eluveitie - "Nil"

Dark Tranquility - "Fabric"

Nothingface - "Ether"

Garbage - "Only Happy When It Rains"

Alestorm - "Keelhauled"

In This Moment - "Just Drive"

Goldfinger - "Anxiety"

The Birthday Massacre - "Violet"

Sorry, if this was a pretty big post. Saw others link to youtube vids, so thought be cool to do myself.
My favorite song changes from moment to moment but one I circle back too often is this;

(Bjork - Aurora)
Arcturus - Ad Absurdum
Dark Funeral - 666 Voices Inside
Sonata Arctica - Cinderblox
Nightwish - Nemo
Aww, so many!


Pulse of the Maggots, (sic) and Snuff by Slipknot
QWERTY, Papercut and Carousel by Linkin Park
Remember the Name by Fort Minor

And a bunch of other stuff, mostly by metal bands. I have limited tastes.

I just want to let you know that neither Slipknot or Linkin Park are metal. Yep i had to do it cuz i'm a music snob

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