What is your favorite song?

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Though my favorite changes all the time and every time you ask me the question it will change right now it is.

Cannibal Corpse - Rabid

Absolutely in love with Cups By Lulu & the Lampshades, the cover by Anna Kendrick is amazing.

My fave song, hard to choose:
Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Love, Love, Love by Of Monsters & Men
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Little Talks by Of Monsters & Men
Anything Can Happen by Ellie Golding
I will wait by Mumford & Sons
Bob Dylan - The Man In Me

I can't say I'm particularly crazy about Dylan in general, but my love of The Big Lebowski makes it impossible for me to not consider it my favorite song of all time.
Really a very hard question to answer. There are so many good songs.

Bring me to Life - Evanescence
Queen of the woods - Dargaard
Autre Temps - Alcest

Those are like my top favorites atm
Can't Hold us- Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
The Cave- Mumford & Sons
Little Talks- OMaM

But like others have said, favorites atm.

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