[H] Entensity 16/16N 5/16H Recruiting Tank

We are currently recruiting a Prot Pally or Warrior tank for progression in 5.2 This last tier of raiding was the first for our guild, and was founded by friends and has a strong core. We stopped progressing 3-4 weeks ago when we decided we needed to make some need changes to our raid group and re-gear new people. We believe this next tier we will come out stronger than the last.

We are a semi-hardcore guild, we research and do what it takes to progress together but we also keep the atmosphere light and enjoy our raiding time.

We raid Tues, Thurs at 7:30 ST and Fri at 8:30 ST

We require 90% raid attendance, be ready to raid 10-15mins before. Know your class to the fullest and be willing to accept criticism, along with a good attitude.

PST me ingame or reply here

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