How easy is it to PUG stuff on alliance side?

i want to be a draenei idk
I will lava lash you with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns
i'm sorry

it's done
02/17/2013 05:37 PMPosted by Kate
it's done
you're done
My hotpocket is done
Considering there is 2 guilds on alliance that can clear terrace (guilds that buy out other guilds don't count ;)) your best bet would be a 4/6 normal MSV run with multiple wipes on the following:

Stone guards - Chains is a difficult mechanic because melee need to stay in melee range and range need to stay as far anyway as possible, and those damn traps wutttt blue circles you expect you to STAY OUT OF?! WHAT IN GODS NAME.

Feng - They actually expect you to click on a crystal?! Come on blizzard even for you that is asking a lot wtf. Also, stacking is hard don't underestimate it.

Gara'jal - You actually have to go to a different world and kill mobs within this alternate demention O.O wtf oh and the tank gets banished personally a little to difficult for me so I try to stay away from this one a little to demanding for tanks IMO.

Spirit kings - Stacking and moving is actually fairly difficult and thats only the start omg. second guy shoots arrows ok aint to hard for some people. third guy actually puts a skull on you that u gotta kite around or something i guess idk never gotten past this dude before (in a hardcore raiding guild at the moment so you get an idea of how hardc0r3 this boss is) dont mess around with this dude.

never done other 2 bosses so can't help you sorry
Bad Kate, bad.
thanks for that Aokiji! I meant more in terms of actually finding a group :) I guess how far you can actually go with that Pug is important to though LOL. Not like I ever raid much though anyways. hm

well anyways being a draenei is stupid so i'm going back to horde
Good choice.

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