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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey guys, I play a boomkin 497 11/16HM,,, came back from a break and curently raiding casually with friends,, however,, I really looking forward to get back into the hardcore scene. Leave me ur contact detail and I'll get back to you
Not sure if you are willing to sever/race change or if you are after 10 or a 25man guild but we might be what you are looking for.


Or in game
<Frequency> on Dath'remar is a 10 man guild. Currently Recruiting a Boomkin for a core position !!

Progression: 16/16 Normal 5/6 heroic MsV 3/6 heroic HoF

Raid Times: Wed/Thur/Sun 8:20pm to 12 , We will add additional days/hours during progression to get kills.

Website: Frequencyguild.enjin.com

Battle Tag: Antagqt#1628
Based on Jubei'thos, Eminent is a 10 man guild that was formed 1 year ago by a close group of friends. We pride ourselves on being a mature age guild that is very social and committed to clearing current content as soon as possible.

Current Progression is 10/16H | 16/16N
Our Raid Leader has been playing since vanilla and is very experienced and focused.

Our raid times are:
Wednesday: 10.00pm - 1.00am Server Time
Thursday: 10.00pm - 1.00am Server Time
Sunday: 8.00 - 11.30pm Server Time
Monday: 10.00pm - 1.00am Server Time

We are currently in need of the following to help strengthen our team:

1 Boomkin or
1 Elemental Shaman
*All applicants must have a Min 485iL and reasonable H experience in current Teir.

Please feel free to contact either myself (Tjay#1709) or Roksta (Roksta#1509) ingame for more information, leave us a post here or visit our website www.eminent-gaming.enjin.com
<Inception> 12/16 hm 16/16 Frostmourne alli 10 man is currently Looking for a decent geared/exp a mage/boomkin to join our core team, We raid Wed/thurs/sun/mon 7:30-10:30 Svt pst if ur interested on my real id solarinto@hotmail.com
Let me know if times/nights/progression is suitable for you mate.

< Catalyst > is an established World of Warcraft endgame raiding guild that focuses on hardmode and progression content. We are an Aus / Nz Horde guild based on the Oceanic US-Frostmourne server.
We are currently looking directly for one of the following skilled and experienced players in order of preference:

Hunter Dps
Mage Dps

or Warlock Dps
or Boomkin Dps with Heals offspec ~


Current Progression:

6/6H MsV
2/6H HoF
16/16 Normal

Our raiding roster is as follows:
Wed / Thurs / Sun 8:30pm - 11:30pm server time - AEST GMT+10 during DLST.
Preference: Mature english speaking Aus / Nz locale players


If interested please feel free to contact me at:

or feel free to lodge a formal application on our forums at:
We could fit in a good Boomkin for 5.2.

Currently 10/16 Heroic.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 5.30pm-9.30pm AEST.

http://intolerance.net.nz/ or btag is Razghul#1151
Illusion#1741 14/16 hard mode. Add me and let's talk.
Hey there, BL have recently opened up recruitment for a 3rd boomkin, take a look,

<Blue Label> of Barthilas is a Horde, 25man Oceanic raiding guild that has been around since the Burning Crusade.

We are focused on progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids while having fun doing so.

We are currently recruiting for all classes with the exception of SPriest/Rogues/Warriors/Warlocks.

Classes in high demand: Mage/Hunter/Enh or Ele Shaman.

Our current progression are, as of 25/02/13:

6/6(H) MSV
6/6(H) HoF
2/4(H) ToES

Our raid times are:

Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 730-11pm ST (GMT+10). Invites start at 720pm ST.

If you are interested in joining Blue Label, don't hesitate to apply at blue-label.org

Experience in current content for heroic is a plus but not essential as we believe a decent raider can pick it up


If you have any other questions, you can add me on Battletag (Naixia#1121) or pst Hanul in-game.
<The Empire> is a 25man guild recently set up on jubeithos.
We raid 7.30-10.30pm sever time Wednesday/Thursday/Monday.
We tried to do 25mans at the start of the tier but were unable to have numbers around Christmas so just switched to 10s.
We recently transferred to jubeithos and currently have a solid 22/23 people who are showing up every night. We are just in need of a couple of reliable dps who we can count onto show up to 90% of raids to have a full group going and then we can start to replace !@#$ ups till we have a strong team.
25man progression for this tier is only 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF as we haven't been able to have a proper full raid week yet, but we plan on gearing up so lesser geared members before 5.2 then progressing through 5.2 normals and then heroics at a decent rate.
We don't want to be wasting 25 peoples time so any one who %^-*s up who shows they clearly have no idea what they are doing will be replaced.

battletag: shreken#1403
Check out Ajantis-guild.com always looking for good players.
15/16H Looking good to kill sha pre 5.2.
<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 4/6 HM MV, 1/6 HM HoF 4/4 ToES so far with a slugish start to raiding this xpac. We formed on the 25th of September 2011, and have from then so far downed 6/7HM FL b4 DS came out, and downed 8/8HM DS in June thanks to D3 and various roster issues. At the present we are looking to go 25 man, as such we have already merged with another guild to bolster our ranks, and need some more excellent raiders to fill our ranks and progress as 25 man.

Skilled raiders of Any class, but our priorities are as follows:
DPS Warrior - Medium
Prot Warrior - Closed

Death Knights
Frost Dk's - Medium
Blood DK - Low

Holy Paladins - High
Ret Paladin - Medium
Prot Paladin - Low

Resto Shaman - Low
Ele Shaman - Medium
Enhance Shaman - Low

Hunter - HIGH

Warlock - Medium

Mage - High

Spriest - High
Holy/Disc - LOW

Mistweaver - Medium
Windwalker - High

Rogue - Medium

Our raiding times are as follows, keep in mind we RARELY raid on Sunday that is basically if we are close to a new heroic kill and need to get it down we go Monday, otherwise we raid only Weds/Thurs/ Monday from 12:30 am svt to 3:30am Frostmourne svt time (AEST).

We dont have a website up and runnign at the moment, as soon as it is we will put it up, till then you can get in touch with us on real ID

Tundra - Roosh#1938
Bloodrusher - baz#6735
Michaelfox - cbrown#1806
Holyally- Holyally#6881

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