[H] Insanity is recruiting heroic raiders

We are recruiting semi-hardcore raiders for a new raid group for 5.2.
We require that you have done at least 16/16 normal T14 on the character you want to join the group with, but heroic experience is preferred. So far everyone we have in the group has heroic experience.
A working headset is also required so you can communicate with the group on vent.
Raid times are Thursdays and Fridays 7pm to 11pm server time.
Just in need of a tank and a dps now

We are also recruiting a few more raiders for our Green team raid group. We need 1 healer (prefer a Paladin), and 1 dps. The group has cleared all T14 bosses on normal.
Raid times are Sundays and Mondays 9pm to 12am server time.

Besides that, we are also recruiting social players and levelers.

You can also join our guild with your already existing raid group.
The benefits of doing so:

  • We help recruit for your raid group
  • Our guild is max level with all perks
  • We provide your group with consumables (flasks, potions and food)
  • Sufficient amount of guild repair
  • We have two 50 slot ventrilo servers
  • We have a very active community and website with plenty of guides
  • Raid teams will maintain full control over their group
  • Information and strategy sharing between raid teams

Whisper or send an in-game mail to Celacia for more info and to discuss.
Great guild to be in. We tend to be pretty good about helping out when needed. And considering alot of us have quite a few alts, we also tend to fill in empty slots when we're not normally raiding.

edit: Punctuation and silly things like that.
I could not get back to you in game. but I would love a trial run tonight with you guys if you will have me. that is if you are raiding tonight.
Raid times for the new semi-hardcore group has changed to Thursday and Friday 7pm to 11pm server time. I have updated the main post to reflect that.
Mainly looking for dps now for the new 5.2 raid group.
Just need a tank and a dps for our new 5.2 raid group.
Our green group is still in need of a healer and a dps.

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