Wayward Enforcers looking for a few raiders

Aerie Peak
I'm specifically looking for a DPS w/Heals OS (or vice versa, Monk would be awesome), a DPS w/tank OS (DK pref, our MT is leaving the country for a month) and potentially another reliable DPS, ranged preferred.

My team raids at 4:30-7:30 PM server on Wednesdays and 6-9 *AM* on Saturdays. This is an established group that has been consistently raiding since Wrath, and is one of four 10m raid groups in the guild.

Please contact me, Baptism (most of my alts have "Bap" in the name, if I'm not on my main), Bearric/Karakine, or Kharma/Painfulbliss/Bubblly if you're interested.
You have my attention... where do I sign up?
Without creating another Wayward thread, I'll throw in my team's needs, as well.

Our Tues/Wed/Thurs 4:00 - 7:30 PM server team is currently looking to recruit a solid mage, ele shaman, spriest, or BM hunter. We're 16/16 normal and 6/16 heroic.

If you think you're able to commit to that schedule, contact me in-game. If I'm on, it'll almost always be on this toon (Scytarska).
My god those raid times are delicious. Unfortauntely i cannot.

SO instead, a tip:

A cheesey trick For H:Four Kings is that a DK tank with non-retarded use of bone + blood shield can stay away from the raid altogether during the first guy (as opposed to having the whole raid move with him) without dying if he is topped off. Its simple math based on the flat reductions vs the dmg of the mighty swing.

This makes the first phase a joke because dodging the flanking orders as a neatly stacked group can be difficult, but it does mean that literally no one else can be in that 180 degree cone or they will die.

It may get tricky during the first transition, but the first transition should be easier thanks to the higher dmg of not having to have the entire raid move like terrified ants the entire time.
Definitely appreciate the tips, but we did manage to get H Spirit Kings last night. We don't love that fight, we never want to do it again. But if we do, will keep your suggestion in mind.

Right now, our focus is going toward working on H Will of the Emperor.

Btw, grats to you guys on H Lei Shi.

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