497 Boomkin LF Raid This Week

Area 52

Just transferred to A52 this week off one of the many dying WoW servers (well, horde-side anyway) and am looking to serve as a fill-in for someone's raid group this week until I find a more permanent home.

I'm free Thurs, Sun, and Mon nights this week preferably for a raid starting no earlier than 7 PM.

My toon has 3/16 Heroic experience and 16/16 normal experience. I've done Heroic Elegon and Spirit Kings (albeit, unsuccessfully). I was/am a GM of a raiding guild on my old server prior to the move and am now looking to just slay virtual dragons. I'm 8/9 Gold in CMs (9/9 Silver) so PVE is my thing and am not big into the PVP scene.

If your guild needs a body to fill-in this week for your raid because one of your raid members has contracted the norovirus/avian bird flu/etc add me to your friends list or throw me on your calendar invite for your raid.

My Area 52 name on my BOOMKIN is Thekaz

Would you be interested in a dps/heal spot on our Core group. 16/16 3/6H
Could use a DPS for a HoF run tonight @ 7ST. Send Restò a in-game mail message if you're interested.

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