[A] Last Attempt 11/12N LF1M Ranged DPS.

I'm going to get straight to the point and leave out the typical copy and paste recruitment post, although if you are interested in knowing more about us, you can whisper one of us, or visit our forums at http://www.drwebdesign.net/lastattempt

Currently 11/12 working on Lei Shen

Prefer Hunter or Elemental Shaman, but will make exceptions
Must have a minimum of 8/12 Exp in normal and be able to attend the days listed below.

Only made 16/16N 10 man in previous tier due to late start / Attendance issues.
Times: Tuesday, Wed, Thur 8:30PM - 11:30PM EASTERN! (5:30PM SERVER)

Also looking for people who are interested in Arenas / RBGS. Low MMR's.

Socials are welcome as well. We are an 18+ Mature guild. If you wish to speak to me directly you can add my battletag: Finest#1180
Bump. With 5.2 right around the corner, We're looking to expand and be prepared for it!

Our mage is leaving us for a while and we are looking for a replacement. Would prefer a shadow priest or even healing priest.

At this point we are on such short notice other casters will be considered.

8 of us have been raiding together for years and we are looking for long term members to join us.

We went 16/16 normal pre-5.2 and got the first boss in ToT tonight.

Previously we were a strong heroic guild, clearing some of BWD/BoT heroics 6/7 Heroic Fireland and 8/8 heroic in dragonsoul. We were a little disappointed to not progress into heroics before 5.2 and will most likely eventually step back into them to get that stuff cleared.

Please message Finest or Myself for more info.
Raid days and times? server time
Bumping because we need the spot filled. If you have any questions please add my battletag.
Bump. Managed to continue pugging 11/12 but need perm spot.
Are you guys still seeking a hunter?

I'm looking into transferring servers here pretty soon.

If so, whats the best time can I contact someone?

Battletag Zepiria#1322
bump for a great group of people

P.S. Sorry I could not make it last night...damn RL...

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