LF people to raid with

Recent transfer to the server, previously from Eonar (H) and Cho'Gall (H) before that.
14 years mmo experience. 10 of which were spent healing in raids.
I don't have a ton of experience in this expansion, I came from a guild that was super friendly and sadly had horrible players holding us good players back. (2/16)
I have great spatial awareness so you don't have to worry about me eatting some silly mechanic and wiping the raid.
I am not interested in raiding Friday or Saturday. I'll raid Sunday nights. I'd prefer starting no earlier than 6pm server.

If you don't have a raid spot for me in your raid currently, but you're planning on expanding your raid in 5.2, I'm not the person for you (unless you're a nice pug group that wants to fill my heart with joy for a few weeks). I don't want to play backup and sit around while you all raid and have a blast, that's what I'm doing right now in my alt guild.

475 holy OR disc priest.
483 resto/ele shaman.
I also have a 90 resto druid I could finish gearing up in LFR.
- I'd prefer the priest, but at this point I'm desperate.
Aleeni, we would be interested in speaking more with you about a spot in the current team. Send Hellrime or Doubtful a message in game, either by whisper or in-game mail. We currently raid from 6 p.m. server until 9 p.m. server.
Hi there,

Looking for a priest for a Fri Sat 10 man raid team, team raids 1 to 4pm, good people, mature, friendly, nice, guild group of course, could use you :)

lvl 25 guild, with Vent, forum and the usual perks, details through me or Pelargonia in game.
Hi Aleeni, I'd like to chat with you. We are rebuilding our 10 man team. We were Remnant and are/were top 9 (5/6 H, 2/6 H, 4/4 N) on the server. Looking for a good couple of people to fill in our core raid spots.

Let me know if you're interested.

You can reach me in game as Thanaroth or another person you can talk to is Surrealae.

Real ID is mhjanus@gmail.com if that makes it easier.

Bump to Thanaroth's Post.

Remnant needs a Healer to fill our last Core spot in our Progression Raid group!
Currently 16/16 Normal, 7/16 Heroic, and 2/12 ToT. We plan on killing content AS it is released once we fill this last spot with a good healer. msg me in game anytime, or Thanaroth (GM)

Thanks for your time=)
Hi Aleeni -

It sounds like you would be a good fit with RA in either our 25 man or 10 man team. Here's some general info about us:

► Schedule ♦ 10-man team: Mon - Wed: 7:30-10:30PM PST ♦ 25-man team: Tues - Wed: 7:30-10:30PM PST
► Battletag/RealID ♦ Tyronious @ Tyronious#1742 & Sedaí @ ec.thomp1984@gmail.com
► Who to whisper ♦ Sedaí, Suijin, Tyronious, and Espada - Anyone can point you to an officer.
► Website/app ♦ www.risenanarchy.net

I would like a chance to talk to you in game, so please add my battle tag.

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