How different are class playstyles in Raids?

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Just out of curiosity, being WoW is really my first big MMO I've decided to try.

I found that it's often advised that if a class doesn't feel right by the 20's, it probably isn't for you, though as I level through content, I've found myself wondering if playing a Monk against mobs will feel similar to playing him in Raids. There are a lot of classes I've heard that are immensely fun to raid with, though I find myself feeling lackluster about them as I level through content. While I do enjoy my monk a lot, I was wondering to what extent that play style would change once I transitioned to raiding. Granted, it's likely to be a more interesting and require a bit more thought (especially if I plan on tanking/healing with him), though I was just wondering if it was unfair to judge how a class will feel in endgame content when you're nearer to the early levels, or, to what extent.

even from 85 to 90 the classes changed significantly enough that you can't really tell.

Leveling and dungeons are terrible examples, especially with how poorly tuned everything is towards the easy side in this game upto the heroic raid level.

I absolutely hate warrior leveling, but I have 3 85+ simply because raiding on them is enjoyable.
Raid playstyle is different, and it's especially different if you choose to tank or heal, since there is no solo-play analog to those roles.

For DPS, the big changes from leveling/solo play to raiding are becoming mobile during the fight while maintaining damage, and sustaining your dps over a 5-10 minute encounter.
There's a bit more mechanics to dig into than that. This is the kind of stuff that can change between expansions, but it's relevant to figure out if you'll like a particular class-

How do you feel about watching and maintaining hots/dots?
How do you feel about watching ability cooldowns?
How do you feel about watching resources like energy/runic/rage?
Many classes have to do a bit of each, but often there's a much stronger emphasis on one of these.

Do you want to be constantly mobile and expected to move often (melee) or rewarded for being able to stand in one spot and turret (most ranged)

Do you dislike procs that reset a strong ability and allow you to use it instantly/free? Most dps have an ability like this, some like shadowpriests have it optional.

It's worth looking at the class forums to see what the level 90 ability rotation uses. It's entirely possible that your low-level standard attack is mere filler later on.

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