Silencing Shot

Are there any special cases on any of the non caster classes where a silence stops them from using something? if so could you tell me which classes (non caster) cant use what while silenced.

Thank You
Death Knights. Seems to mess them up a bit (also goes through AMS). They can't use grip and probably a few other things, but I think that's the big one.
My DK friend rages about it.

Enh shamans. Apparently it stops them from using their totems. And in retrospect, any healing/offensive spells.
Ya, several actually. Hunters can't use traps or mendpet (I think, it's been awhile) while silenced, Dk's can't use icy touch/chains of ice along with other various spells, Warriors can't use their shouts, etc.
thanks for the quick responses :)
Yes, there are many benefits.

DK's can't use the things listed above, and it's either they can't use Lichborn, or use Death Coil on themselves to heal while in the effect of Lichborn. Not sure which one it is.

Warriors can't use the things listed above aswell as that hp thing they have. Rowling Cry or something like that?

Shammys as said can't cast any healing spells.

Ferals won't be able to use Cyclone or cast heals.

There's a few good things about Silencing Shot against Melee classes, yupp.
hunters cannot lay traps while silenced and also bm cannot hit kill command or blink strike

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