Hello. I created this thread to see if there is anyone out there on Frostmourne Alliance who is interested in creating a late night raiding guild, with raiding times between 11.30pm-2.30am or around those times. (Server time.) Because real life happens and you might have kids or work that interfere with the common raiding times, like myself.

I absolutely despise that I can't find a proper guild with times that fit; I hope there are more like me or more in same situation out there on Frostmourne.

I am searching for mature players aged 18-40 who are independent and know what they want in the game. My personal goal for now is to finish all raids on normal difficulty. (16/16NM - 5.1) I have not raided much in MoP due to work and the fact that it is impossible to find a guild with late night raiding times.

Once 5.2 comes around the goal is to have an established 10 man guild that can clear all normal modes and progressively clear heroic content, this will not happen overnight.
We will work together to achieve victory and completion in all released MoP raids. I am dedicated in creating and running a guild with "Quality before quantity", therefore I need a dedicated bunch of raiders/officers.

The raiding times, stated above that I would like to work towards are:
Wednesdays: 11-11.30ST – 2.30am
Thursdays: 11-11.30ST – 2.30am
Sundays: 11-11.30ST – 2.30am
(Only Some Mondays, All depends on people. More then likely stick to a 3 night a week schedule during progression and 2 nights during farm.)

I am after dedicated and committed:
- Raiders or all classes and roles.
- Raid Leader (Past Experience is a must)
- Officers (Past experience is a must – not holding your hand or doing everything)

I would like to have a chat with each of the applicants (If there are any, hopefully someone would like this idea.) Gear is no issue, my gear is currently low and I will work on getting better, but what I am more interested in is your mindset and personal philosophy gaming-wise.

If this idea sounds interesting please feel free to contact me to discuss matters more.

(P.S - Not raiding on character i posted thread from)

LFM Interest
5.2 Class/Role Re- Rolls Welcome. As we will gear and progress as a group.
8/16 NM Min! 475-480 ilvl.
I am interested.
I am interested but can only make weekdays ;(
LFM Raiders/Officers
Have 2 Heals keen, plus my self that can tank/heal/dps

Come on guys!

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