486Spriest/Holy OS looking for fun raid group

I'm a recent server transfer looking for an raid group. My previous server is slowly dying out and it was time to move. I'm a 486 Spriest, with Holy OS. I've got 7 years of progression raiding experience. Times preferred are after 6pm and it should run no later than 10pm. Weekends, 10mans, and only two nights a week are ideal, if possible. I would consider going MS Holy for the right fit.

I value the interconnectedness of the players as much as the progression. It's important to me to enjoy the company of the people I'm playing with. I am a dedicated player, with great attendance, raid awareness and a general upbeat attitude, even while learning a new fight.

I can be reached in game at Nuchie#1345, or via the forums. Thanks
Hi am not sure if you would like to do 25m or not but Max threat is looking for more dps for 25m progression we r switching from 10m to 25m we raid wed/thur 7-10pm server time atm we r going to run 2 10m group why we finish building to man
We are looking for a heal priest, group is playing Fri / Sat afternoon, guild team with Vent, fun team, not as advanced as you are, but working on MV (6) and HoF. Tanir for details, or post here.
Lotus is looking for a dps with heal off spec and we raid Tues and Thurs w/ audible Saturdays from 6 p.m. server until 9 p.m. server. As a guild members are 6/6 MV, 4/5 HoF, 1/4 ToES, we're looking for another member for the 10 man team to help us push through the content. We're a friendly guild that is able to work through the content without wanting to tear each others throats out at the end of the night.

Whisper or send an in-game mail to Hellrime if you're interested.
Thanks for the responses. I have found something I am hopeful will fit for my needs.

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