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i recently payed for a faction change and it all worked but now its telling me that i cant login untill the recent character update process is complete but there was 3 of us that did it all at the same time last night and there already in game
It looks like the payment information entered in when you initiated the service does not match what's on your billing profile, Hattchetman. Update your billing profile information, then open a Support Ticket or chat and a representative can help unlock the character.
my billing info doesnt match because a friend payed for my faction change
Then you would need to have his payment info, entered into your billing profile, for the time while doing this transaction.
The card is currently not registered as a method of payment, Hattchetman. You may want to try adding it and see if that allows the transaction to go through.
well we called in to customer service and we had problems with 2 different accounts that had the faction changes and they went ahead and processed both orders and the other account was instantly fixed and mine was supposed to be fixed after that so now when i click on order history and click on faction change it says its still in que but when i click service history it says complete

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