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Who are some good warlocks i can watch. I dont care if the videos are informational i just enjoy watching them. The only one i know is Cobrak. Thanks

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For entertainment purposes there is also Drakedog and Adouken, but I haven't heard of them working on new videos for MoP.

There's also Evrelia who does a few dps guides for affliction.
I'd recommend Everlia if you're looking for PVE. He actually just soloed Madness earlier this afternoon on Twitch.
Reinhart plays a Warlock (also a DK) if you want to see PvP. His accent is sometimes hard to understand, but he's a pretty high ranked player on both his characters.
Cobrak. Do not watch reinhart he sucks compared to cobrak
Cobrak is the best warlock to watch for arena.
i was in a bg with some warlock named serious, promoting his youtube channel. its worth a look
Evrelia. And Ysen
Cobrak all the way - been around for a long time. great lock. actually I was the mage at the end who killed me, haha. damn knowledge of locks abilities :( - really skilled lock to watch for arena. - great pvp content. aswell with.. - both adouken and kenwood got edited by haero.
PvP: Cobrak
PvE: Sparkuggz
Viscus... he is like amazing to watch if you liked wotlk warlock play style as much as I do. Also Adouken is kind of the cataclysm version of him imo.
Cobrak all the way
Its short, silly, and a warlock youtube clip. so I thought I would post it.
Probably Cobrak

He is incredible.

*Somehow I missed that you said all you know is Cobrak. Well, it never hurts to watch more Cobrak.
How come when I look up Sparkuggz there is no lvl 90 ..

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