Kil' Jaeden call to ARMS

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Good evening all,

First note. My toon's arena and BG numbers are not at par. Let's just say that when my hammer falls on your soul, the numbers of my arena scores will not matter. I am not arrogant yet I am one to not be taken lightly when my tag shows up in the area you are thinking that you are dominating.

Now to each of the hard corp Horde members who are looking to finally mount a true offensive to this virus that has become our server, I beg you now to let us join forces and finally destroy that which has become a boil on the skin of our War Machine.

To those who are going to take the step to transfer servers i bid you fair journey and hope you are looking for blood.

You have been a virus to this server for far to long and for that you shall be judged accordingly.

So do I post this to allow the stupidity flow from the finger tips of the special ed who are allowed to curse Ruinous with their presence? Of corse not, I am posting this to allow for those who are die hard Horde to contact me and aid in the inevitable fall of that which has caused such dismay about our ranks.

To all those who carry the tag from the guild which I have mentioned. May you find your safety in nothing. Not a number or and person will hold your soul from burning. When we do come down on you, you will find that our judgement was swift it was was also justified. Note the name on the post and note your demise. Now it is time to find the true art that is that of WARCRAFT and I do not mean just a game.


Enjoy the ride! I know we will.


Oh yes and one more thing. Bring your numbers to bring little old me down. I assure you that you will not leave the area and I assure you that you will find another server before the dust clears.

I await word of your movement....

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