SV, BM and MM in PvP...

I really looked forwards to the talent changes in MoP. With Readiness baseline and Silencing Shot available through the talent system... I figured I could PvP in SV...

Well that didn't last long. I tried a few random battlegrounds and literally couldn't see any difference in the health bar of my target. (This was the beginning so my gear wasn't that good.)

So off to the forums. BM seemed to get rave reviews. So I swapped to BM. (Hated leaving SV/MM though.) Then it was off to find a rare... Gave up and finally tamed Ban.

Right away an almost 3x boost in damage done. Measured subjectively of course. This time I could actually see the health bar going down. Once I figured out a couple of *CD Stacking* macros. Was carried to 3 arena wins by a really nice DK on our realm, by assist targeting, hitting zoo and spamming arcane shot. (No - I started BM after all of the bugs in zoo were fixed for arena in case you are wondering.)

Then when I got the Mal bow. Holy crap, what a difference...

By then I was tired of all my damage being pet based. With a pet that never seemed to be where I wanted him to be when I needed him to be where I wanted him to be... If you get my drift.

So back to MM! Put my pet back on passive and keep him for the special ability... Web, stun, etc... That seemed to go ok for awhile. I mean it was kind of nice to get back to Marks.

After the last couple of nights though, I may be returning to BM... Shooting Steady Shots at a warrior with 3/4 Mal, most of it upgraded and a base health above 500K... Watching them hit for between 4k and 5k... Geez - like running SV again. With buffs and trinkets up he was over 700k health... By the end of the expac he's gonna be over 1M easy.

So I'm guessing I'll try BM again for awhile...

Anyway - feel free to add any ramblings about your fav hunter PvP spec...
They truly need to quit focusing on BM as the all around spec. Many hunters hate the living crap out of every bit of that pet spec. In fact, I sometimes get carried away with my anger at BM, but others must also be upset with it since some have agreed with me. This surprised me at first, but if my rage can relate to other hunters who have played the class far longer than I, there needs to be changes.

Like wtf. It's fine if the pet-based spec is in PvE, but I don't like the idea of managing an NPC in PvP. It isn't that it is difficult to manage them, it is simply flat out annoying and not fun at all.

Imo they need to quit giving BM more CC breaks / CC than the other two specs. SV should have more self healing (not MM's chimera shot) and MM should have all the burst damage (not BM).

By giving BM more CC breaks and CC and burst damage, they are just saying to us "We intend this spec for PvP". That is absolutely ridiculous that they make every derpability baseline to the point that changing between survival and marksman is a switch of two buttons, then the few crucial abilities for survivability are given exclusively to BM as a "this is a PvP spec" statement.

Leave the NPC managing for PvE. Please make MM / SV the better options for PvP.
Yeah, I got pretty tired of pet management with BM. Mostly because it added another layer of "stuff to do". I liked Marks, because it felt more "bursty" when I started PvP. (Had Readiness and a silence and that felt like a good combination.) I liked SV for PvE, 'cause it had the double CC and the play just felt smoother. With both, the pet was fun to have, but didn't dominate things.

In a flag cap bg I could run a spider for the root, or swap to a monkey for annoying casters. It felt like the pet had a purpose. Because I could put the ability on a keybind it felt like things happened when they were supposed to. In PvE, as SV, I had the double CC combo to help pull things out on a bad pull. With distracting shot and kiting with a MD onto the pet... That's four mobs tied up for a few seconds right there...

I was never a "cool" pet kind of hunter, but I know there are folks that love BM for the pets. I found it a pain to have to go out and get a rare in order to access some of the key parts of the spec... Best part was taming a water strider so I could walk on water while fishing. Guess BM is good for something.

I'd like to see some of the baseline stuff made class specific again. I really identify with:

02/15/2013 07:29 PMPosted by Bavok
That is absolutely ridiculous that they make every derpability baseline to the point that changing between survival and marksman is a switch of two buttons

I kind of agree with your points about BM getting loaded up with everything. SV sure doesn't seem to be about surviving much to me. Also wish MM had some oomph. I mean I can burst in BM on my Horde guy and almost nuke a glaive down in IoC. I just don't see that happening in SV or MM right now.

And... I'm open to *learn to play* if some of you experienced MM PvP guys are having a different experience this season.

I just hit 90 the other day so I'm still gearing up (I accidently bought the leather contenders gear by mistake lol) but with the gear I have gotten already I can see big difference between BM and survival. I think a lot of it is bestial wrath. I feel like if I don't have bestial wrath, on top of the buffs all these exotic pets give me during stampede, I can't do anything.

Survival feels a lot like playing an afflicition lock to me, you sort of just sit there and try to dot them down slowly lol. Unfortunately PvP in MoP is centered around stacking your CD's and bursting, survival just doesn't cut it like BM does with bestial wrath, kill command and the exotic pets.

Just my two cents. I'm really upset that I'm forced into a particular spec to PvP. At least on my rogue and my warrior I can switch it up a bit and change specs and still do ok.
I agree with the above brothers and or sisters of the hunt. I haven't seen the changes first hand yet but played since vanilla and always a hunter.

I agree completely with Bavok as I was a MM hunter snob for years. Hands down it was THE burst spec. The fact BM is bursty now makes me feel a mixture of sick and sad. You get a walking DOT that has a set of it's own abilitties, good god why do you need to burst too. You should be doing sustained damage as BM and the pet should be able to burst of sorts but both of you? Just not necessary.

Survival should also be the toughest personal spec for a hunter, less damage over shots but mastery of traps, self healing, cc (both using and breaks) it is just ridiculous how they have gotten so far away from what these specs were and always supposed to be.
Personally I've found in RBGs survival is hands down better than BM. Serpent spread is some nice aoe dmg that costs virtually nothing with ToTH up. L&L helps provide some burst on kill targets. All in all, survival damage is about the same as BM but just less burst. BM is all about the 1-min CD, survival is more sustained. Not to mention since your damage isn't based on your pet as survival you can just leave your pet on a caster or healer and use the interrupt/stun as necessary.
Im still extremely new to wow, but from lvls 1-90 i just used SV and did fine most of the time, i got to learn how to use it in pvp well-enough i guess.
Im trying out BM atm and i think its fine aswell, funny thing is i play with someone else (shes a SV hunter 100%) and sometimes she does better then me at pvp.
Iv seen SV hunters own the scoreboards right next to BM and sometimes even above.
So i kind of have mixed feelings about it, but i can say SV seems better (at least for me) in PvE.

Sorry for the noobie post.
I guess I can buy that SV might have an aoe advantage. As a LFR hero there are some places where SV and multishot can cheese some big numbers in PvE content. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around SV really helping out it in something like Twin Peaks or WSG.

In those flag cap BGs it seems I'm usually trying to pressure their FC or nuke/CC chain a heals so someone else can nuke the FC. The other role being FC escort where I'm trying to slow/hinder the other guys as our FC crosses the field...

In smaller BGs like Silver Shard or BfG I just don't use multi-shot that much actually. Usually I'm assisting my friend the DK if we're running together.

Now in IoC or AV, if you wind up in the courtyard, chokepoint, or the boss room with loads of targets... Yeah you'll get big numbers, but does it do anything for your team? I dunno...

I'm actually half tempted to re talent/glyph my SV spec and try a week or so of randoms just to see how it feels.

Meh - don't worry about being new. Everyone of us was new at one time... Some of us are just newer than others :)


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