need some help with pvp

Death Knight
im new to pvp, this is the first season that i have tried arenas. my problem is i am blowed up by the other team in 2v2 before i can even really react. DKs just seem to be a soft target for other classes. and i really do not feel optimistic about the up coming patch when i see blizz making all these nice changes to other classes and only making crappy dk talents alittle less crappy.anyway my question is how do you guys ride out the other teams opening burst and survive to do damage.i understand that frost dks put out massive amounts of damage but not when im stuned and blowed up, a dead dps equals no dps.
I see you are from my realm... tell your Ferals to leave me alone, i don't have kitten chow for them.
Well if there casters pop anti magic shield once they pop there cooldowns. Then if theres mellee pop your cd that makes you take 20% less damage and hope to god you survive the burst..your better off running with a healer in 2v2 even for points

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