Starting a shaman.

Hello all. I was wondering which spec is preferred in leveling a shaman. I am new to shamans and was wondering on every ones opinion. Also which Heirlooms should I use when leveling a shaman. Thanks for advice/help!
enhancement for questing
resto for dungeons
or ele, and get the caster BoAs.
Pretty much what Sham said. Ele questing, Resto queues, both share the same BoA's.

Now with BoA's you can do one of two things, either buy all three pieces (head, shoulder, chest) that turn into mail at 40(might be 50)Mystical Coif of Elements Mystical Pauldrons of Elements Mystical Vest of Elements.

Or you can just buy the cloth heirlooms in case you decide to level up any other casters (warlock, mage, priest, mistweaver monk, etc..) Tattered Dreadmist Mask Tattered Dreadmist Mantle Tattered Dreadmist Robe.

Also if you don't intend to PvP you can pick up the BoA staff Dignified Headmaster's Charge so the above classes can also use them. Otherwise get the BoA mace Devout Aurastone Hammer so you can use a shield.

For trinkets I'd go with one of each of Swift Hand of Justice Discerning Eye of the Beast.

Edit : Added item links. Also note there are pvp equivalents of most of the above gear if you have the spare honor to waste but I think they require your realm to have wintergrasp (could be mistaken). One more thing, I prefered the pvp staff Grand Staff of Jordan since it adds a bit of hit.
I leveled as Ele/Resto with the mail int boas and the caster staff.

Never had any issues at all questing or running dungeons.
Thanks for the info! I know what I will do now. Much appreciated!!!
You're very welcome. :)
I leveled as ele/resto. Ele is unbelievably strong in dungeons, I typically doubled or tripled the other dps'ers in group just by spamming chain lightning. And when the queue was long I got in quick going as resto. Handy having the same gear for each spec.

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