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This could just be a stupid question but, I just installed a new graphics card of the same type.
A Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 1gig
Ok here is my mystery...when I type in DxDiag in the "run" bow..and pull up my says GeForce 9200.
I do remember when my last card was in it had said Nvidia Gefore 9800gt inthe same slot.

I also checked my Device manager and it also says GeForce 9200, whereas before it of course said the other.
Ok so that's one of my question...wth is up with that.

On to the 2nd!

My last card I plugged into the card itself, not the intergrated plug, but the plug on the actual card its self for me to have a display. Actually my last card canceled out the intergrated and only displayed the 9800gt.
The new card will not, I repeat "will not!", work when I plug into it. If I stay plugged into the intergrated plug I do however get access to the graphics of the new card. They look great. So how can this be?
Can a graphics card work thru the motherboard like that? And why does it say GeForce 9200, when I'm supposed to have a 9800 gt?

I researched and it said to disable my intergrated card in device manager...well the older version was there till I updated the dirvers and it changed to 9200 GeForce. Now what, disable that?


It also says it's location is in PCI bus 2. So I guess thats the right spot. Its a PCI-E 2.0 card.
It says 9200 because that is the integrated card. If you don't have your monitor connected to the new card, then you aren't using it. You're using the integrated one.

The only way to actually USE the 9800 is to connect the monitor to it. If it doesn't work when you do that, then the card is not functioning at all. It could be bad, or it could just not be set up correctly. But there is absolutely no way to connect the monitor to the built in graphics and have it use your card.
I've never had this issue, but possibly a driver update is needed? I have limited experience with software so it's just a shot in the dark really.
do you see a performance increase? if so i wouldnt worry about it.

chances are dxdiag is just showing stats for both video cards... it shows very detailed results.

no, the integrated card can NOT work through the motherboard, through the other video cards output. it doesn't work that way. in fact, the computer disables any gpu that doesnt have a monitor attached to it.

that doesnt mean the disabled video card wont show up in dxdiag though... its a system diagnostic it should show any and all stats for direct x.

Well after trying everything from the new card, my PC would not recognize the new card.

So what I did was take off the fan of the new card, and place on the older card, which fit perfectly, cause both were the same. The new card had a much better fan system, and being the fan was the only problem I saw on the old far everything is working fine.

I eventually did a entire PC reset, due to other reasons...and when I inserted the older card, the PC recognized it instantly and installed it. I then tried the new card one last time for craps and giggles...still nothing.
So I honestly feel that the card was bad. Fan was good. Problem now is, I bought a $65 fan.. : /

I installed the old worn out fan on the new(not working) card......and yea. I'm thinking of returning it. IDK. It kinda pisses me I got a bad card. I have no way of telling if its good or not. If it was still a good card I would just buy a new fan and place on it, giving me two cards. But like I said....PC won't read it anyways.

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