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Area 52
Formerly <H D M W> of Shandris in which we claimed server first heroic Will of the Emperor as well as being the top guild on server, going 10/16H before losing a few of our core to real life issues.

After floating for a few weeks unable to find any suitable replacements on Shandris or unable to persuade anyone to come to a somewhat dying server, we decided to pack up and move on to a better enviroment for what we're looking for and have decided on Area 52 as our new home.

We are a small group that have come together around mid t14 and while under a small raid schedule have accomplished what we feel is a good amount of progression given the time we've had to mesh together as a team as well as a few losses of core players other than the ones mentioned and wish to continue our progression come t15

Our raid times are as follows: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-10 EST

Our current recruitment needs to get back on track and try to finish the tier at least 12/16 (while 16/16 would be prefered, with the possibility of 5.2 just a week or two away, we're realistic) are as follows.

All applicatants should have a ilvl of 496 in their main spec, should we need them to have an offspec, we would like to see a 489ish ilvl in that as well and while some heroic t14 experience is prefered, 16/16 normal is a must as we're not looking to spend time gearing someone, we need people to step into our current progression and perform as needed to get the job done!

Those interested please contact Salloreon in game or toss up an app at http://hdmwraiding.com/
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After a successful transition to Area 52 and some extra inquires about the guild from old friends we are opening recruitment for our upcoming second group.

This group will be lead and ran independately from our group with the following raid times.

Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 EST

The recruitment needs are as follows

1-2 healers, one with a dps offspec, looking mainly for druid/shaman/pally
4-5 dps, again, looking mainly for a boomkin/spriest/shaman/rogue/warrior however as we're building this group almost from the ground up (we've got 3-4 players with experience) we're open to all applications as the desired raid comp has yet to be determined.

While we would prefer this group to have 16/16 experience, no exceptional player will be turned away as gear can be farmed, player attitude and ability to play their class well is harder to come by.
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Updated with needs for our second group
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2/12 first night even with a short night that started late.


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