Mage damage in lower pvp brackets?

Not complaining or anything and I know the lower pvp brackets dont matter that much but was just wondering if any other low lvl mages are having trouble putting out damage in bgs? Cant even break through disc/spriest shields lol
Meh leveling a couple of alts through the lower level brackets and PVPing with them, priests were always so difficult. At one point, I was in the 50s fighting a shadow priest with 3 other teammates. We couldn't bring her down. lol

Mage DPS is pretty damn low in the lower BGs. We get most of our useful tools later on. Thems the breaks.
I've done as much as 130k damage on this toon, and my pyros crit 800-1.2k. Discs aren't really a problem if you know how to CS at low levels. Shadows will !@#$ on you 1v1, though.

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