LF RaF - Full Details inside!

Okay, this is a re-post for the ones that need more insight before contacting me via Battle Tag.

The details are as follows and they will not change. Some are negotiable but will not change for the most part.

How it will be done:

I am the RECRUITER, you are the RECRUITED.
Meaning, I will be sending you the invitation to be recruited. With that being said, you will be the one creating the new account. I will be buying JUST the BATTLECHEST for you to continue leveling with me to 80 on as many toons as you wish.

Where it will be done:

It will be done on Kel'Thuzad server.

How we will level:

We will level whichever way you feel more comfortable doing. Whether it be by running chain instances, grinding quests or a mixture of both. I don't really care as long as we get things done in a timely fashion.

Times I am available:

I am available from 7pm/8pm(EST) during the weekdays(Monday-Friday, Due to my work schedule) til whenever you get tired. During the weekends, we can pretty much grind the levels away like hell is about to freeze over.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach me on my Battle Tag. Raznoth#1370
Still looking.
Still looking!
Still looking....
I always see these posts pop up and every time they do, the person inside always wants to find someone who is willing to create the new account.

I would suggest biting the bullet and being the one who creates the new account as most people realize if they want to put their new characters to use they either have to pay $15 per month or spend $25 per character to transfer them to their main account.

This makes your purchasing of the battlechest pale in comparison to the amount of money they may have to possibly spend for the same time/effort.
There would be only one way I would do that. That way being, I get paid in gold to create the new account. The reason for that, I would be spending the money to transfer the characters to my main account which is $25 per character on my end then. Am I wrong for desiring gold for such effort on my end?
I wouldn't say you're wrong, but given the fact that you're posting and looking for someone kind of puts you in a position to offer more... You will most likely have to entice someone to RaF with you.

The majority of people using the RaF service are friends, so it's not really the same when you're looking for someone you don't know.

Basically, offer someone a deal and you'll be able to find someone a lot easier.
Makes sense. Thank you for your outlook on this topic.

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